Introduces Maia: Reinventing Mobile Audience With AI launches Maia - Mobile AI Audience, an innovative AI and NLP-based platform that enables brands and agencies to explore and customize audience segments and target market demographics easily and accurately.

In today's brand marketing ecosystem, mobile is front and center. The shift from linear TV to streaming, combined with Covid-19's impact on digitalization, has solidified mobile as the most powerful medium for marketers. 

To address the needs of mobile marketing simplification, introduces Maia, which stands for Mobile AI Audience, and acknowledges Maia, the ancient Roman goddess of growth. Maia is an easy-to-use, single-frame platform for audience exploration and activation. It's the industry's first audience-building platform built strictly on NLP (natural language processing) and artificial intelligence. 

Maia uses the audience description to instantly find and build the best segments, which can be activated on over 20 media exchanges (demand-side platforms or DSPs) with a few clicks.

Uncovering and Exploring Real-time Mobile Audiences 

Browsing through thousands of indexed audiences to try and find the right audience to fit a brand's users is a tedious manual task yet vital when creating intelligent data-backed marketing campaigns. Brands usually know their audiences' basic descriptors, but refining that audience is challenging. With media budgets at stake, marketers can't afford to waste ad spend or miss valuable audience segments.'s unique position within the mobile marketing ecosystem lets it collect trusted first-party data, the most valuable building block for campaign targeting. Brands can start the audience-building process by exploring segments with general keywords such as "sports fans" or a query as specific as "recently engaged smart home device users in New York, aged 25-55." 

Maia's AI-powered algorithm sifts through thousands of pre-defined segments, which marketers can review to scale or finetune their audience and reach any of's 2.4 billion global users.

Putting Customer Insights into Action

Once defined, the audience can be activated on multiple media exchanges in a few simple steps, eliminating the time-consuming of building an audience on each. Armed with their ideal audience, marketers can launch highly targeted, high-converting campaigns that deliver results and build brand equity.

"Innovation and problem-solving and ease of use are part of's DNA, and Maia is the next logical step in our company's long history in the mobile marketing space. We built Maia to help marketers solve challenges," said Gil Dudkiewicz, Co-Founder and CEO of "As consumer mindsets change, marketers need to adapt their targeting strategy. Audience discovery and identification is a laborious process, resulting in lost ad spend when targeting isn't based on real-time first-party data. We have the data, and by leveraging NLP and AI, our platform does the heavy lifting and streamlines a process most marketers dread."

About is a mobile marketing and audience platform. (formerly StartApp) empowers the mobile app ecosystem and simplifies mobile marketing, audience building, and mobile monetization.'s direct integration with over 500,000 monthly active mobile apps provides access to unprecedented levels of global first-party data, which can be leveraged to understand and predict behaviors, identify new opportunities and fuel growth.

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