Stars Align to Honor Frontline Health Workers and First Responders Who Died of Covid

Charity Pros for Heroes Virtual Fundraiser to Support the Children of Fallen Heroes

Charity Pros for Heroes

Rosanne Cash, Lance Bass, Ziggy Marley and John Fogerty are just a few of the stars coming together to honor the front-line healthcare workers and first responders that died of Covid-19. The "Charity Pros for Heroes" live virtual event will salute the Heroes of the pandemic and raise funds to help provide educational scholarships and grant the children of the fallen heroes a special "Megan's Wish".

"Every day, we learn of incredible stories of these children nationwide who are dealing with the effects of losing their parent," explains Megan Maloney, founder of The Charity Pros. "These Heroes went to work every day during our darkest times of the pandemic and gave their lives while protecting us from the very fate they suffered, Covid-19."

Megan, a budding young philanthropist by day and food server by night, founded the Ft Myers non-profit just prior to the pandemic to advocate for children's social causes and help provide kids opportunities for a better life. However, once the pandemic hit, Megan changed up the programming after the death toll started to rise. "My dad lost two friends in the first few months of the pandemic from Covid, including childhood friend, Naples firefighter Tony Christensen. "Tony's funeral really hit my dad, I think it made it real for a lot of people, we knew then that we wanted to help make a difference."

Charity Pros for Heroes will honor those like Bryant, a firefighter from Converse, TX, that leaves behind his two small children and Tawauna, a nurse from Kettering, Ohio, that leaves behind six children and her newborn that she never got to hold. "It's heartbreaking that many of these kids never got to say goodbye to their mother or father, their Hero," continues Megan, "sadly despite all the fundraising, these kids have been forgotten, we need to help."

In a time when celebrities are being inundated with requests, the Charity Pros have been able to gather support of many artists. "We started emailing artist management and immediately had support, It's just been a blessing how some managers have really embraced the cause," adds Megan, "they share it with the artist and if there is passion, they support it, there is no better feeling, we are so grateful."

Sponsors of all levels can still get involved in the live virtual broadcast. A sponsor can co-host a segment, announce the next artist, or go live to present a check, contact today.

Charity Pros for Heroes will be broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook, April 6, 2021 at 8:30 EST, featuring special appearances from Rosanne Cash, Ziggy Marley, John Fogerty, Lance Bass, Kevin Cronin (REO), Kelly Hansen (Foreigner), Don Felder, Andy Grammer, Andrea Barber, Michael Franti, Tiera, Jawan M. Jackson, Danny Arroyo, Drew Baldridge, Ben Allen and more added daily.

Source: The Charity Pros