Stardust Broadcasting Offers $8,500 DRTV Package For Products

Stardust Broadcasting has created a Pilot Package for new products which includes a 60 sec. commercial, and 200 spots on DirecTV and Comcast to 3.4 m households. If the pilot performs, Stardust will take the product national at no additional cost.

GOLDEN, CO (May 25, 2010) - Stardust Broadcasting ( with 22 years of producing and airing successful infomercials and commercials has created a Pilot Package for new products. This program will provide a solid opportunity for a product that is TV worthy to show what it can do. The package includes a professional script, the producing of a 60 second national quality commercial, 200 airings on Comcast and DirecTV to 3.4 million households for a total cost of $8,500. If the program is successful it will be taken national at no additional expense. Additionally we have additional options with 400 airings and up in targeted locations around the country. "

Mr. Liddell also stated "From our standpoint, we are looking for home runs. Our program will allow developers/owners of products an inexpensive process to see if their product has star potential. If it does Stardust will air it nationally at no additional cost to them. America was built on entrepreneurial ingenuity and we want to promote that spirit. Nothing can make a product a household name like television but it has to be seen first- and our Pilot Package will allow that to occur in a quality manor. Talking about quality, all the scripts will be written by an award winning script writer whose scripts have been responsible for over $600 million in television product sales".

According to Mr. Liddell "Stardust will continue to work with all clients we take national on a joint venture basis. This is the same model Stardust had when Tony Alberti founded Stardust Broadcasting 22 years ago. We will continue the approach of making our profit when our partners profit- which is not the general model in the DRTV industry."

About Stardust Broadcasting.

Stardust Broadcasting has been in business for 22 years. Throughout this period, Stardust has built excellent relations with large networks and production studios. These trusted relationships and the continual stream of successful products we represent allow us the leverage with networks for Joint Venture Agreements. Stardust has produced and aired hundreds of commercials and infomercials and our infomercial for Dermal Tone in the 2000's sold over $100 million of product.

David Walsh
Stardust Broadcasting