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The Outback Fun, a new, full-service digital outdoors and camping online business dedicated to bringing consumers the high quality equipment, gear, and accessories they need to enjoy the great outdoors, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform just in time for the new year.

Borne from a passion for all things outdoors and experiencing the world’s pristine nature firsthand, The Outback Fun brings the industry’s latest high-tech gear to the forefront of its platform, at a fraction of the typical market price.

“Too many individuals dismiss hiking, biking, camping, and exploring for fear of it being too costly of a hobby,” said Thomas Stahl, Founder and Owner of Stahl Outdoors Adventures. “With our platform, the great outdoors can be a reality for any kind of adventurer. We keep our prices far below the market average, and work hard to scout out the latest products for camping excursions.”

The Outback Fun will provide both an eCommerce platform for online shopping, as well as free information and reviews for interested consumers. Available products on the site include tents, sleeping bags, hiking gear, hiking sticks, backpacks, knapsacks, water jugs, lanterns, fire kindling, and more.

“We want everyone to not only know the outdoors, but to also experience the outdoors in a safe manner,” said Stahl. “It’s important to be prepared for any of Mother Nature’s curveballs, and that’s exactly the kind of products our site supplies. Spread the word on the opening of our new store, and head on over today to check out our selection.”

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