Stage 1 Fund Participates in Crown Affair Funding

Crown Affair, the two-year-old haircare brand, has completed its Series A funding round, and Stage 1 Fund participated in the raise.

Crown Affair Founder

 Crown Affair, the two-year-old haircare brand, has completed its Series A funding round, led by True Beauty Ventures. Stage 1 Fund's top priority is to help build and strengthen consumer-driven brands, and it was their honor to participate in this raise.

Crown Affair has set out to change how people see and appreciate their hair. They've made it their mission to provide a way for anyone to take their aspirations for their hair and make them a reality. The brand aims to revolutionize how you care for your locks, building new daily routines that are truly enjoyable. This is an ongoing process, but Crown Affair is the right place to start.

Dianna Cohen, Founder, and CEO says, "For me, haircare is a daily practice, a part of being well and caring for myself. But after years of conversations, I realized it was much more frustrating than relaxing for so many people in my life. So, I decided to create a new kind of haircare brand—one with clean ingredients, effective formulations, and beautiful, handmade tools you'll look forward to using every day. Crown Affair is a love letter to those who seek to change their relationship with their hair, appreciate its natural beauty, and, most importantly, take care."

A Partner at Stage 1 Fund, David Bartholomew, says: "Stage 1 Fund is very excited to announce our investment in Crown Affair. Dianna's track record within beauty and digital branding speaks for itself, and we are proud to be partnered with a Forbes 30 Under 30 award recipient. Consumers are increasingly passionate about clean haircare, and this investment marks Stage 1 Fund's sixth investment in the clean beauty silo. We look forward to explosive growth for Crown Affair and will continue to support the brand via Stage 1 Fund and the Stage 1 Financial Team."

Katy Triefenbach, CEO at Stage 1 Financial, added, "The Crown Affair Team and line of products have been fan-favorites amongst the Stage 1 Financial team since day one. The quality and design of the product is unquestionably superior. We are so excited to be part of a brand that emphasizes taking time for quality self-care." 

This new investment marks a great milestone for Crown Affair. They have ambitious plans to expand their staff with new talent and to invest more in strategic marketing. Cash is the lifeblood of young businesses, and this new life for Crown Affair will keep them on their path of success.

Crown Affair is a modern beauty brand on a mission to make haircare an everyday ritual. To learn more about their brand or to find their products, please visit 

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