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Stadiums USA is a new site scheduled to be launched during the start of July, 2010. It provides sports fans a place to find out information about a stadium. This is a useful information service that will enhance their game experience.

Stadiums USA is launching its new website at the start of July. This site provides sports fans with a place to find information about sports stadiums all around the country. Stadiums USA is developed and created by Mark Madorin, part of the Schaumburg Flyers media staff, and a former College of Dupage baseball couch. Madorin's passion for baseball and other sports inspired him to help others get the most out of their game experience.

This innovative site allows fans to look up the stadium of their choice and find out insider information about the field. They may discover the best place to park, find a a great restaurant, or simply know where to sit so that their view is not blocked. Fans will be able to uncover ways to save money at the game, by knowing where to go for deals on items, such as hot dogs and beer.

This site is also very useful for tourists, who may be unfamiliar with the area of the stadium. People traveling and attending a game for leisure or business, will be able to figure out where to go and what to do to enhance their experience. It is also helpful for businesses, professionals may find out the best way to please their clients by treating them with a exceptional game.

Stadiums USA gives site visitors the option to comment and talk about their own experience at the ball park. People may exchange information about stadiums, along with posting blogs and discussion boards.

Mark Madorin, webmaster of, is proud to announce the launch of his new site and hopes that many fans will be able to benefit from its services.

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