Stacy's Sweet Spot Partners With Ignite Brand Marketing on Rebranding Initiative

Stacy's Sweet Spot, a gourmet chocolatier specializing in truffles, bon bons and a signature brittle line, has partnered with Arizona-based Ignite Brand Marketing to spearhead a comprehensive rebranding initiative.

“Following the exciting announcement of our Good Food Awards’ Finalist status for Bodacious Bacon Beer Brittle, the need to match the company look and capabilities of our website to the needs of the nationwide marketplace became a pressing priority,” said Stacy’s Sweet Spot owner, Stacy Noland.

Ignite Brand Marketing specializes in e-Commerce start-ups, search engine optimization and creative design. “For me, the match was ideal,” Stacy comments. “My website had existed for years without converting any meaningful sales. Our products are unique and provide something new to a customer base that truly enjoys delectable, gourmet chocolates, caramels and brittles; but no one could find us on the web.” Through a new, functional design and concise content, the partnership with Ignite (set to eventually include a push into retail markets and targeted digital marketing) will facilitate a quicker to-market strategy, with the goal of accelerated nationwide awareness of the Stacy’s Sweet Spot brand and product offering.

"My website had existed for years without converting any meaningful sales."

Stacy Noland, Chocolatier

About Stacy’s Sweet Spot

Stacy’s Sweet Spot was launched in 2010 as a dream that has come to fruition due solely to the love, hard work, sacrifice, encouragement, and patience of many. Our desire to create and share with others our fine chocolate, caramels, funky flavors, and gourmet brittles inspires us daily. Through the use of local farmers, microbreweries and craft chocolate makers, Stacy’s Sweet Spot creates chocolate truffles, caramels, gourmet bon-bons and a distinctive brittle line with quality unmatched in the marketplace. 


About Ignite Brand Marketing

Ignite Brand Marketing is a strategic branding company with offices in Kingman, AZ and Phoenix, AZ providing graphic design, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing and overall brand strategy services to a diverse client base. With a mission to cultivate future market leaders by implementing strategic brand and marketing initiatives and to provide irrefutable results, Ignite partners with brands that desire to work collaboratively towards becoming the best in their industry.