Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor—a Much Needed Legal Self-Help Book

Smart Play Publishing announced that it has released its highly acclaimed book, Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor, which is now available as a paperback and eBook throughout the U.S.

It is an exceedingly pragmatic prescriptive nonfiction legal resource unprecedented in America.  All the legal weaponry is laid out—the rules, the background, the hidden secrets.  Nothing is concealed from view.  Therefore, the reader is better equipped to evaluate and choose whatever ammunition will most likely help achieve success in his or her particular legal campaign.

The book addresses a major issue in America—our failing judicial system—which some consider the top problem plaguing our country.  The book is the product of hundreds of hours of research, multiple fact-checking from a variety of sources, and personal experience of the authors.  It is ideally suited as a preparatory aid for each and every citizen ages 18 and up who can unwittingly fall victim to the legal system at any moment or, worst case, as a remedial tool for someone who needs to better understand a current legal quagmire.

The authors will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales through its website to organizations nationwide that are dedicated to helping victims of the system and to other similarly just causes.

Published by Smart Play Publishing

Foreword by Ron Paul

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