St. Augustine Loves Lions Announces New Marble Replicas of the Lion Statues on the Bridge of Lions

The stunning replicas are expected to generate buzz in Florida, the nation and around the world by the many who love the Ancient City of St. Augustine in Florida.

​​St. Augustine Loves Lions is pleased to announce the first and only marble replicas of the statues on the famous Bridge of Lions. 

The Bridge of Lions is in the world-renowned historic city of St. Augustine in Florida. The bridge is named for the beautiful Carrara marble lion statues that guard it. 

The replicas resemble the lion statues on the bridge in every way, right down to the inscription on their bases. 

They’re made of genuine Carrara marble same as the originals on the bridge. 

The replicas are made with the utmost attention to detail using the difficult and dying art of hand casting and sculpting by Old World artisans who supply some of the most prestigious European galleries and art museums.

A St. Augustine enthusiast said, “The craftsmanship is superb. They’re a treasure to be handed down as family heirlooms.”

Often called the Ancient City, St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. The city’s Old World rustic beauty and colorful history are what draws millions of visitors every year from the nation and around the world.

St. Augustine is endowed with quaint historic buildings, year-round sunshine, mild temperatures and miles of sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. The city also has a beautiful bay front on the Matanzas River, which is a section of the Inter-Coastal Waterway. 

The Bridge of Lions is more than a foot and vehicle bridge. It’s also a work of art. It was built in 1924 and has long been hailed as the “Most Beautiful Bridge in Dixie.” The monumental lions that adorn the bridge were commissioned in Italy and donated by the former St. Augustine Mayor and physician, Dr. Andrew Anderson in 1924. Unfortunately, Dr. Anderson didn’t live to see the lions placed at the entrance to the bridge. The lions are the most photographed attraction in St. Augustine and they are true icons of the city.

The one thing St. Augustine has lacked until now was a set of quality marble replicas of the iconic lions. Those whom call St. Augustine home and those whom love to visit will welcome and cherish the replicas.

The lions are expected to sell out this summer when the usual influx of visitors converge upon the town. 

Gail Kraker, the heart and mind behind the venture, took great pains to find the absolutely best statue-makers to do the beautiful lions on the bridge justice. After many months of searching for the perfect artisans, she found them in Staffordshire, England.

Gail said, “Reorders will take two to three months to complete by the sought-after Old World artisans. I recommend people who love St. Augustine buy their replicas before this summer so they won’t be disappointed.”


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