Presents 'Gone,' Erotic and Emotionally-Charged Dramatic Narrative Film for Women and Couples

Veteran female adult film-maker, Angie Rowntree, releases a ground breaking now cinematic movie that combines sexuality with cinematic production quality.

From the moment its opening sequence begins, it’s immediately apparent that “Gone,” the latest adult film produced and directed by founder Angie Rowntree, is no ordinary adult movie.

Paraphrasing Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous line about love and loss – “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” – Rebecca Adams, the central character of Gone, sets the tone for the highly unusual  journey.

Gone does in 30 minutes what most Hollywood films fail to accomplish in a lifetime. The chemistry between "real life" lovers Madeline Blue and Gee Richards is palpable, and yet you do not feel like you are watching a rending of their private lives in the film. Instead, Gone connects with the viewer's own romantic and emotional experiences, presenting you with raw emotion and passion that transcends individual experiences and catapults you to a deeper, more primal experience of love. I don't want to ruin the story for you, but Gone is something everyone must experience for themselves. It is a true testament to director Angie Rowntree's skill, experience, and vision, while showcasing what film has the capacity to render.

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, Sociologist and Author

As Rebecca muses and reminisces, we see flashes of private moments past she spent with her husband Todd, whose mysterious absence is the source of her angst and longing. The balance between Rebecca’s psychological decompensation and her vivid recollections of intimate moments with Todd propel the story forward, giving an unusual emotional context for this genre movie.

The plot is largely based on the true story of a member who shared her experiences and emotional life journey with Rowntree through a series of emails.

“At its core, Rebecca’s story is about coping with the absence of someone you love deeply, someone you’ve shared a great deal with and who is such a part of your life you almost can’t make sense of the world without them by your side,” Rowntree says. “It’s a tough thing to depict no matter how you approach it, but especially so in the context of this film”.

Gone stars newcomers Madeline Blue and Gee Richards, who are a soon to be married couple in real life, a fact which goes a long way in explaining their outstanding on-screen chemistry. What makes Gone work, both as porn and more fundamentally as a story, is Blue’s performance as Rebecca. For her part, Blue says she was touched by the script from her first reading, and immediately knew she’d found the right project for her very first performance in a feature film.

“I felt I could understand the emotional range of what Rebecca was going through,” Blue says. “This was porn that had authenticity, complete character and story development, and I felt this was the perfect fit for me.”

Gone is currently available at and select VOD platforms worldwide. Special Features include; full movie commentary, Secrets of the Reveal, and Quick Question with Madeline and Gee, hosted by Angie Rowntree.

 To request a screener copy of Gone for review purposes, or to arrange an interview with Angie Rowntree about women in the adult entertainment industry, please contact @AngieRowntree


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