SSDsDirect Launches New Industrial Temperature Rated Flash Cards Website

SSDs Direct is currently established with their new website and industrial temperature rated flash card solutions.

MISSION VIEJO, CA, September 10, 2012 -- SSDsDirect offers military suppliers, defense contractors, as well as solution providers with the most recent within Solid-State-Drive (SSD) technology obtainable in the marketplace today. Items like CFast, Compact Flash, Industrial PCMCIA, MMC, SD, as well as SATA drives all are SSDs. The latest format of SSD includes the micro USB and micro drives for the embedded boot products for your devices.

Nowadays, SSD drives are everyplace-- within your phones, in your computers, and right now, possibly in your pocket. It seems as if the entire world, and for good reason, is addicted to these versatile, small hard drives. Their full lack of moving parts will make them durable, stable, and occasionally also able to handle a run throughout your washing machine. Their amazing abilities make a user have the ability to hold entire libraries of data literally within the palms of their hands.

Flash drives gained a reputation as being long-lasting, stable, as well as all-around reliable. As the flash drives become less expensive to make and storage space is more plentiful, the SSD drives are now the most stable media, in lifespan and durability of the technology in its entirety. Flash drives now have replaced zip drives, floppy disks, and might soon replace CDs, too.

Most of your information is extremely important, maybe priceless. Even the most cautious of us may leave information at a public computer, drop information in a puddle, or lose information under a seat in the car. It's also becoming an increasingly likelihood that one might provide someone the incorrect flash drive, or a used flash drive believing that it is blank.

The more obvious solution which always should be exercised includes backing up your information. It's possible to back information up on a home computer, a work computer, as well as upon portable media. Be cautious of placing confidential data within too many locations, yet additionally be cautious of not protecting yourself adequately. Floods, fires, robberies, and endless additional scenarios may leave you out of luck when it comes to your personal data.

This company will provide a complete array of temperature rated (extended temperature and wide temperature), as well as industrial grade, Secure Digital Cards, 1.8" SSD Drive, 2.5" SSD Drive, 1.8" SATA SSD, 2.5" SATA SSD, PATA SSD, and SATA SSDcards.

About SSDsDirect:

SSDs Direct will be your go-to place for industrial temperature rated flash card solutions. The company is in partnership with PCcardsDirect and has the ability to provide the most recent flash technology obtainable in the marketplace today.


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