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SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is proud to announce it has been approved as the first U.S.-based certification body for the ResponsibleSteel™ standard. ResponsibleSteel is the steel industry's first global, multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative dedicated to sustainability within the sector. SRI is a leading global certification body for steel, metals, and materials companies, and its sustainability (and ESG) assessment practice is the fastest growing segment of its service portfolio.

ResponsibleSteel gives steel producers a framework to address the key environmental, social, and governance issues necessary to navigate the complexities of major markets and stakeholders demanding more comprehensive compliance and transparency from suppliers in areas including responsible sourcing and other sustainability initiatives.

Anne-Claire Howard, Chief Executive of ResponsibleSteel says: "ResponsibleSteel seeks to drive positive change in the responsible production of steel using credible third-party certification - a tool that has been proven to deliver better social and environmental outcomes in industries such as forestry, agriculture, and fishing. We are delighted to welcome SRI Quality System Registrar as one of our approved certification bodies. Their deep experience within the steel sector, and the wider sustainability agenda, will be a huge asset when auditing our steel-producing members against the rigorous principles and criteria in the ResponsibleSteel Standard."

"Steel and sustainability are the heritage of SRI. Having grown from its founding in the steel industry three decades ago, SRI now serves 40 major industries and is a leader in sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental certification," remarks SRI President, Christopher Lake. "We are honored to be chosen by ResponsibleSteel, and we look forward to our work together as we advance steel's and its manufacturers' contribution to a sustainable society."

About ResponsibleSteel™

A not-for-profit organization, ResponsibleSteel is the steel industry's first global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative. Its mission is to maximize steel's contribution to a sustainable society, achieved through cooperation and mutual commitment by companies at all levels of the steel supply chain, representatives of civil society, and other stakeholders. For more on ResponsibleSteel, visit:

About SRI

SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is an international assessment body headquartered in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania, with offices in Pittsburgh, PA (HQ); Ann Arbor, MI; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; and Tokyo, Japan.  Founded in 1991, SRI is accredited by ANAB, RvA, IATF, AA1000, USGBC (GBCI), WELL (IWBI), and ResponsibleSteel™ to assess and assist in conformance to quality, sustainability/ESG, information security, green building and real estate rating systems, and other international standards and frameworks. Independent, third-party data validation and evaluations play a critical role in communicating to stakeholders that certain criteria and performance expectations have been met.  For more information on how SRI can help you build relationships for success, go to or call Jennifer Tomaro at 724-934-9000 x660.

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SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is an international assessment body of quality, sustainability/ESG, information security, green building and real estate rating systems, and other international standards and frameworks.

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