Square Feathers Sews Pet Beds for Shelters of Animals Displaced by Hurricanes

Ron and Pepper

As people are suffering in the aftermath of two consecutive hurricanes – Harvey and Irma, thousands of pets are faced with the extraordinary hardship of being displaced. As countless humane society-like organizations have rushed from all parts of the country to lend a hand, Square Feathers is stepping in to provide a bit of comfort for the pets by sewing and donating 200 of dog and cat beds to help aid in the displaced animals affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. “Dogs and cats hold a very special place in our hearts because they love you unconditionally,” says Ron McIntyre, Square Feathers’ designer and founder.

About Square Feathers

Square Feathers is an Austin-based company that crafts decorative pillows, furniture, art and home accessories, all designed and made in the USA. The company’s signature creations contrast cultural ethnicities with modernism that only its avid world traveler founder and designer Ron McIntyre can fashion. Square feathers’ product line offers vivid colors that symbolize life celebrations. Its style is unconventional, yet inviting, spawning curiosity in interior design aficionados and novice alike. For more information, please visit www.squarefeathers.com.

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