SQM Group Announces Its New Customer Service Management Software mySQM™ FCR Insights Launch

SQM Group - Call Center FCR Experts

Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group, the market leader for the call center industry for measuring, benchmarking, improving, and awarding First Call Resolution, announces its new customer service management software mySQM™ FCR Insights, launching today. SQM is and continues to be an innovator in the call center space.

"We're incredibly proud of our 95% customer retention, growth, and our ability to help our clients improve their call center customer service and operating cost," said Mike Desmarais, CEO, and Founder of SQM Group. "Our new customer service management software mySQM™ FCR Insights will help our clients continue to improve their customer service and cost."

SQM has invested millions of dollars and spent over five years designing and developing our new mySQM™ FCR Insights customer service management software. At the heart of our mySQM™ FCR Insights software is a SaaS-based subscription platform explicitly built specifically for call centers. Combining our standard and Personalized Intelligence™ software features is a powerful approach to assist agents, supervisors, managers, and analysts in measuring, benchmarking, and improving their FCR and customer experience.

mySQM™ FCR Insights software features are as follows:

  • Data Capture - to store and access customer and employee survey data from any survey methodology or internal data source, bringing everything into a single platform.
  • Analytics - agent to call center analysis for assessing and benchmarking performance to identify service and cost improvement opportunities.
  • Performance - holistic data visualization for agent 360 performance reporting to coach agent for FCR and Csat improvement.
  • Customer Quality Assurance - combines survey and call compliance data for a holistic view of call quality - the only proven QA approach to improve FCR​.
  • Rewards and Recognition - is a feature that awards points using a debit card that can be used at any retailer to motivate agents to improve FCR and provide great customer service.
  • Soft Skills e-Learning - offers virtual, on-demand soft skills e-learning modules that improve FCR and CX soft skills.

SQM is currently migrating all existing clients into our new mySQM™ FCR Insights software, and it will take approximately two years to migrate all clients fully. All new clients will use our new customer service management software. For our customer service management software mySQM™ FCR Insights, new clients can expect a 450% ROI, and the payback period is less than 3 months. SQM is very excited about the new features of our software and we strongly believe that these new features will help SQM with our aggressive revenue growth goals.

"Our mission purpose is to help call centers to improve FCR, Csat, and cost - one agent at a time," said Nader Ghattas, Chief Customer Experience Officer of SQM Group. "Since our inception, our customer service management software and dedicated software developers have played a pivotal role in helping over 70% of our clients improve their FCR and customer service and costs on an annual basis."

Since 1996, SQM has provided customer service management solutions for improving FCR and costs to call centers across North America. Most SQM clients are either Fortune 500 or large organizations. Some of the most successful organizations in North America such as FedEx, VSP Vision Care, and Canadian Tire use mySQM™ FCR Insights software to help improve their call center FCR, customer service and costs.

To learn more about SQM's customer service management software mySQM™ FCR Insights, visit our website at https://www.sqmgroup.com

Source: Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Group