SQLite Forensics Explorer: Expertized Investigation Technique Revealed

This press release is out to inform users about SQLite forensics explorer. This utility supports corrupted SQLite databases and helps to analyze the databases.

​This release has been issued in order to inform about a pragmatic and improved software solution for exploring SQLite database. This software has been developed intending investigators for digital forensics. Tool has been reformed and is integrated with multiple intuitive and smart features essential for the investigation. Digital investigation has made advances to pull evidences from every possible source. With a widespread room for investigators in SQLite databases, this SQLite database forensics tool becomes a prime platform for analyzing the SQLite database records. The latest version of this application is integrated with many facilities like; extensive supports towards all types of SQLite databases, indexing of files, data recovery from journal files, categorization of data with color schemes, etc.
Technical Support Head, said, “SQLite database are used widely as a backend database engine storing data records of the applications embedded with SQLite. This data can be forensically crucial for investigation. However, like any other database, it can get corrupted which can delay the investigation proceedings. SQLite database forensics tool is a convenient and advance utility, which provides complete recovery of data from corrupted databases. It has graphical interface which helps to view the data and offers deleted item recovery as well helping for better analysis.”
Evan Swans, Director of Product Development, said, “Digital investigators have to work within critical cases timelines and this emerges into a need of utilities to fast track the investigation. SQLite Forensics Explorer is one of the best suitable platforms to work on such cases where SQLite databases are involved in order to recover complete data for further investigation. Tool has been designed focusing the forensics need and is an optimum equipment for the SQLite analysis. Our tool has already been part of many cases and helped many law enforcement bodies and investigators. We look forward to reach many more users aiding issues with SQLite database probing.”

Software supports all SQLite formats and successfully works with all Windows OS

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Company provides SQLite forensics related solutions to recover deleted and corrupted data.

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