SpyFinder® PRO Answers the Hidden Camera Problems Found in Airbnbs - Detects Unauthorized Spying

Rampant use of inappropriate surveillance devices increases the need for hidden camera detection devices

SpyFinder® PRO Hidden Camera Detector

Many travelers are drawn to the personal convenience of Airbnb, which allows both business and leisure travelers to temporarily rent a private residence. Yet an increasing number of hidden cameras have been found and are being reported in Airbnb rentals and other inappropriate locations. This leaves many business and leisure travelers curious about what they can do to find these concealed surveillance devices before they get spied on when traveling. The SpyFinder® PRO hidden camera detector from Spy Associates is the solution to this widespread problem.

An article published in The Washington Post on April 6, 2019, highlighted a New Zealand family traveling abroad who found a hidden camera in the Ireland Airbnb home they rented. The surveillance device was only detected when the father, Andrew Barker, connected his phone to the home’s WiFi Network. That’s when he noticed a device labeled as the IP Camera.[i]

This isn’t an isolated event. A March article published in The Atlantic reported the story of a man named Max Vest who rented a room through Airbnb only to find two hidden cameras. The article further went on to shine a light on potential inconsistencies in Airbnb’s policies.[ii]

Not isolated to just Airbnb rentals, hidden cameras have become a global epidemic where those affected have expectations of privacy. SpyFinder® PRO is the No. 1 personal security tool sold currently worldwide by retailers to solve this growing problem.

Surveillance cameras continue to grow in popularity throughout the United States and around the world. London-based global information provider IHS Markit reported increased growth in the sector. Sales revenue from Arlo, Nest and other standalone network video-surveillance cameras reached $966 million globally in 2017 and is estimated to grow to $1.1 billion by the end of 2018. The United States was by far the largest country for these camera types, representing about 48 percent of unit shipments in 2017.[iii]

Spy Associates, a security solutions company started in 1999, successfully launched in late 2018 the SpyFinder® PRO hidden camera detector which can help reveal concealed cameras that could be spying on unsuspecting people in Airbnb rentals, hotel rooms, dressing rooms and other inappropriate locations. Since its release, the SpyFinder® PRO has been purchased and used across the globe.

It represents a new and legal way to reveal hidden cameras where they shouldn’t be. SpyFinder® PRO uses a high-intensity LED light to generate a flickering reflection off of any camera lens it is pointed at. If a concealed surveillance camera is found, the hotel manager, local police or legal authorities should be contacted.

SpyFinder® PRO will be featured by KJB Security Products for wholesale inquiries in booth 1066 at ISC West in Las Vegas from April 9-12, 2019. To learn more about the SpyFinder® PRO and how it can be used to help protect personal privacy from the invasion of hidden cameras, contact owner Jeffrey Jurist, Email: marketing@spyassociates.com, Ph: 888-288-0543.

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Source: Spy Associates


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