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Current Marketing Executive Alvin Johnson makes a long awaited return to the online arena with a keen focus on promoting merchandise and building stronger sales teams for Strong Future International, formerly Six Figure Income, (SFI).

A previous press release; "The Story Behind The Online Marketing Connection" dated (2003) opened the debut entry among the Google search engine stimulating recognition among competitive company owners and small businesses on a global scale. Mr. Alvin Johnson recalls the competition as he shared his online presence with his then very small online audience. The company is initiating online marketing search engine listings to keep abreast of changing marketing strategies as this is the true purpose for creating the word phrase; "online marketing connection".

The concept was to create a space that provided information where the user could keep current with technological advancements. At that time he sat at his desk contemplating how he could not only promote his business without spamming or being spammed, he also wanted to share the discovery with his affiliates. Facing this dilemma, he decided to take a break and research more information from the search engine listing he created himself: Online Marketing Connection, which rose from seven search results in 2003 to almost 40,000 listings in 2005.

Search results rose from about 8,380,000,000 to 11,420,000,000 results overnight on Jan. 10, 2022.

Remaining much more relevant today as technology exerts a forward motion ahead and competition remains actively stronger as the search results reveal, Mr. Johnson, founder of Spuncksides, envisions a targeted audience of online shoppers due to the many disruptions in the workplace caused by the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has changed specifically how to do business. Masks, social distancing, and Zoom meetings; human involvement will be placed farther in the closet as high tech Smart actions replace many online digital commands and demands. Online marketing connects IoT to smart cloud computing. 

"The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks." - - Edewede Oriwoh

Reshared From Gartner; "Gartner's Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for 2022 and in the healthcare and health insurance space, these technologies are already changing the world!"

Everything smart from laptops, tablets, smartphones, household appliances, traffic signals to scheduling takes on a remote demand. These search results will aid us in predicting our changing digital environment. We want to know where to go to find what is relevant to our mission and remain abreast with these ever-changing demands seeking those ventures which are in demand and give us the best ROI.

Emerging digital technology - Dell Technologies, is the driving force behind company mergers such as banks as we observe the swallowing up of smaller business ventures. The independent marketing executive must select and rely on larger companies to do their bidding.


Alvin Johnson
Marketing Executive
Spuncksides Promotion Production
44 Clark Rd. N, Battle Creek, MI 49037

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