Spring Power & Gas Supports the Bethesda Downtown Raingardens Project

Innovative energy and natural gas retailer, Spring Power & Gas, is pleased to announce that it will be supporting non-profit Bethesda Green in its latest environmental and community improvement project, the Bethesda Downtown Raingardens Project. The project will entail the installation of a series of raingardens throughout Bethesda to decrease stormwater runoff and pollution into local waterways. Spring Power & Gas had announced last month that it would be continuing its partnership with Bethesda Green in 2020 through a contribution to the organization’s Environmental Leaders program.

The Bethesda Downtown Raingardens Project is great demonstration of Bethesda Green’s ongoing efforts to address environmental challenges locally by creating a sustainable, green community, built collaboratively through citizen engagement, environmental education, government partnership and innovative business development. 

Currently, downtown Bethesda, Maryland is experiencing a development boom, which threatens to create an unsustainable urban ecosystem where community livability and access to green space decrease. In fact, over the next five years, Bethesda is expecting 5,500 new residents and over 1M sq. ft. of new office space. Accompanied with new development comes a loss of stormwater retention areas, an increase in stormwater runoff and a steady growth of new traffic. Bethesda Green and the Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP) seek support to install a series of raingardens or bioretention cells in existing medians throughout the Bethesda Urban District (Downtown Bethesda). 

“Spring Power & Gas stands by the important work done by Bethesda Green to create a more sustainable and local economy for its community. There are three tributaries in Bethesda, all of which are currently cement-filled and contributing to stormwater runoff. This could cause flooding for businesses in the surrounding areas as storms increase in size and intensity. Adding stormwater retention features will decrease the stormwater runoff on major thoroughfares throughout Bethesda. We believe that the Bethesda Downtown Raingardens Project will be extremely beneficial and are happy to offer our support.” – Nichola Clark, VP Creative Director, Spring Power & Gas.

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Bethesda Green is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that accelerates the sustainable economy locally with a focus on innovation through the Be Green Hub, on impact through the Be Impact Initiative, and through Community Engagement. Visit https://bethesdagreen.org to learn more about Bethesda Green.

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