Spring Brings Warm Weather, but Also Signs of Faulty HVAC Units Says A-US Air Conditioning of Texas

It's time for residents to check their heating and cooling units

A-US Air Conditioning of Texas

Warmer weather is here, and residents are turning on their HVAC units to keep cold. But before residents turn on their cooling devices, they should perform a thorough maintenance check. A-US Air Conditioning of Texas says residents can save lots of money by checking their unit before turning it on for the spring months.

The Fort Worth/Dallas area company has become the leader in HVAC servicing. Heating and cooling devices are essential in the state of Texas. Hot summer months and chilly nights mean having an HVAC unit in top shape.

Residents all over the state flip on their units without even checking. This mistake could lead to costly repairs and can become stuck in hot weather while waiting for replacements. Preparing for a long spring and summer season by checking the unit is imperative.

The family-owned and operated business holds over 40 technicians waiting to help residents. With decades of experience, these technicians can handle any call that comes their way. The promise from A-US Air Conditioning of Texas is if a customer has an emergency, they will be there.

But how can the company make a promise like that and keep it? Recently, the business expanded their reach to six new locations. These cities include Bryan/College Station, Austin, Longview, Tyler, San Antonio, and Wichita Falls. Expanding their reach means more clients, but also reaching current customers with faster times.

Plus, the business has a 24/7 hotline. No matter if a customer needs emergency assistance in the middle of the night or on holiday, a technician will be available to answer the call. No other competitors in the area can say they have the same service and emergency hotline.

Answering an emergency call becomes essential because the company can order new parts or be able to diagnose the problem immediately. If a resident had to wait for another company to come in the morning or on a Monday, they would have to suffer through the heat or cold nights.

Also, there are no extra costs for calling the emergency hotline. This fact means residents can have a peace of mind when trying to reach a technician in the middle of the night. The company would charge the same price if the call came in during the afternoon. That is what sets the company apart from the competition.

But if a customer wants to avoid making that emergency call, they can take some steps before turning on their unit. First, checking the thermostat could mean the difference between saving hundreds of dollars.

Also, a faulty thermostat could lead to the unit turning on and off at the wrong times. If the system is running when it's not supposed to, the energy bill could be through the roof.

For those people who have an outdoor air conditioning unit along the side of their home, they need to check before turning on. During the winter months, the coils and fan collect dirt, debris, and grime. Having these coils cleaned before turning on the unit can avoid possible damage to critical pieces. Also, residents could be blowing harmful particles into the air ducts and spreading it throughout the home.

Finally, the air filter should always become a priority in the spring. Checking this aspect of the system can save money and keep the family healthy. The air filter stops any harmful particles from spreading throughout the harm. The screen makes sure everyone in the building is breathing clean, fresh air.

Ideally, the air filter should become replaced every month. If a person does not change it every month, replacing it during every season can pass.

To learn more about A-US Air Conditioning of Texas and their services, visit their website here.

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