Sprigeo Provides Safety Tip Line System to 24 Texas School Districts at No Cost

For the past 12 years, Sprigeo has provided tip line services for schools and statewide school safety tip line services. Sprigeo prevents school attacks every year. Whether schools choose to use their platform or another option, they believe that having a confidential, accessible tip line is a key to students sharing what they see and hear. 

Can school safety tip lines prevent school shootings? A recent secret service report suggested that of 67 planned school attacks that were discovered and stopped over a dozen years, the plotters gave off distinct warning signs in nearly every case — most often, surprisingly, telling their friends what they were up to. 

If kids know that a potential school attack could occur why don't they tell someone? One answer could be that they did not know how or who to tell when they heard or saw something that hinted at a school attack. The other answer that kids often share is, "I didn't want to get anyone into trouble." Kids' fear for their own safety often prevents reporting. By staying silent, the likelihood of a school attack increases, resulting in an unsafe situation for everyone. 

Since May 24, the Sprigeo school safety tip line has received over 46 credible tips related to school attacks. In the days immediately after a school shooting, they have seen a spike in tips related to school attacks. Students have a heightened awareness for behavior that appears to be unsafe and/or threatening. What might have been a joke or off-handed comment about violence is now assumed to be a viable threat to the entire school community. A reference to guns in a student's social media post can trigger multiple students to utilize an anonymous tip line.

Students are the eyes and ears of the school community, typically outnumbering adults by at least 30 to 1 on school campuses. Students become aware of threats hours or even days before an adult. Many threats become visible during the after-school hours or online. Even the most aware school administrators can do little to monitor the likelihood of a pending attack. If schools do not provide students with a safe way to proactively report threats, the likelihood of future attacks will increase. Imagine the potential for saving lives if schools knew ahead of time.

Gary Majors, director of school safety and security for Liberty Public Schools talks about the role that tip lines play in preventing school attacks in this interview: https://vimeo.com/sprigeo/gary 

Sprigeo provides school safety tip line services to over 4000 schools in 28 states in addition to managing the statewide school safety tip lines in Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Illinois. 

Contact Sprigeo by sending an email to team@sprigeo.com to find out more about the school safety tip line.


Source: Sprigeo, Inc.