Oklahoma City Storm Shelter and Gun Safe Summer Sale From Sportsman Steel Safes Features 3-in-1 Security Storm Shelter

Now through July 4, customers can save and stay protected with Sportsman Steel Safes summer sale at their Oklahoma City storm shelter showroom. Customers can view hundreds of styles and see the new 2016 3-IN-1 storm shelters - walk-in vault.

3-in-1 Storm Shelter and walk in vault

For close to 40 years, Sportsman Steel Safes has been the leader for innovative, quality gun safes and storm shelters. They serve government agencies, businesses and private clients. Their summer sale offers discounts on gun safes and storm shelters from May 20 - July 4, 2016. Customers can visit the Oklahoma City showroom to see hundreds of gun safes and storm shelters available as part of this sale.

Sitting in the middle of tornado alley, Oklahoma ranks among the highest for deadly tornadoes that cause property destruction and loss of life. Storm shelters are just a way of life in this region but the problem is people rarely utilize the tornado shelters they have. To address this, Sportsman Safes has designed the first 3-in-1 security storm shelter, which is available at the Oklahoma City showroom. When it's not being utilized as a storm shelter, it doubles as a gun safe. The walk-in vault and safe room is able to secure weapons, precious metals and household belongs. All Sportsman Steel storm shelters and safe rooms are FEMA Compliant.

"While many communities have storm shelters citizens can use, most people don't have the time to reach these shelters in emergencies. Having your own tornado shelter is the best way to protect your family from deadly storms," says Kevin Hand, CEO of Sportsman Steel Safes. "People may only have moments before a violent tornado. Our new 3-in-1 storm shelter not only protects your loved ones, but also your weapons, ammo and personal belongings. It's great value!"

The company offers small storm shelters for $2,999 and larger storm shelters - 7' x 8' x 8' - $8,995. Sportsman's Storm Shelter showroom also offers gun safes with tactical interiors, LED lights, and twice the steel as conventional gun safes.

The company has a proven track record of quality products serving such customers as the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. To learn more about the summer sale and view their products, visit SportsmanSteelSafes.com.

About Sportsman Steel Safes

Founded in 1978, Sportsman Steel Safes was founded to build the best gun safe in the USA. Since that time, Sportsman has revolutionized the gun safe and vault door industry with its unique expert designs and affordable pricing. All products come with a limited life-time warranty and can be ordered with attempted-break-in warranties for a nominal fee. To learn more, visit SportsmanSteelSafes.com.

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