Sports Media Platform SoBet Ventures Into Web3 With Expert Sports Betting Content and NFTs to Increase Fan Engagement

SoBet, a sports media platform increasing the flow of expert information to casual sports bettors, is partnering with One of None and Knights of Degen to provide Web3 tools and strategic guidance to their sports betting expert creators. The partnerships will support further growth of SoBet's user base and foster more engaged communities within their influencer network. 

One of None, founded by former NFL Quarterback Deshone Kizer, is a platform enabling creators to build and launch hybrid NFTs. The company will mint exclusive football jerseys as hybrid NFTs that SoBet Pros, the platform's independent sports betting expert influencers, will raffle off as exclusive perks to their communities. 

"We're proud to power SoBet and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. With our mutual pursuit to support the creator economy, we're looking forward to building with SoBet and the next generation of metaverse users," said DeShone Kizer, CEO & Founder, One of None.

Knights of Degen, the fastest growing sports betting and entertainment community in Web3, will host SoBet Pros on their Discord every Saturday to cover alpha and analysis around all things sports betting. SoBet Saturdays will become a forum for expert advice, picks and banter in Web3, supporting the Knights of Degen community and growing SoBet's visibility through expert content. SoBet Saturday will be token-gated for KnightsSteedz NFT holders.

"The partnerships are driven by our shared values of providing economic opportunity and transparency to creator and fan communities. As sports betting is becoming more ubiquitous due to affirming regulations in many U.S. states, we want to ensure that even niche influencers with expert content can grow and monetize their loyal followings," said Cooper Lycan, CEO & Founder, SoBet. "We value One of None as a partner who is making NFT trading more accessible and profitable for the rights owners, creating monetary value and opportunities for creators. Knights of Degen is building a strong sports betting community in the metaverse, which we are proud to support with insights from our SoBet Pros."

SoBet is dedicated to supporting creators by enabling community monetization with a premium consumer-facing platform. The company is committed to more equitably rewarding the many sports fans entering the sports betting space, alongside traditional stakeholders like sportsbooks and other decentralized newcomers in the betting industry. As a platform that was created to give sports influencers a voice, Web3 tools, perks and collectibles are an integral part of SoBet's approach to enhancing fan experience and engagement.

Knights of Degen is building the premiere, community-led, Web3 sports and entertainment brand. Owning a Knight NFT provides access to a community of passionate sports fans, entrepreneurs, and a new way to experience traditional sports through exclusive contests, betting alpha, sports team ownership, athlete AMAs & VIP sports experiences and prizes. 

The freshly minted NFT hybrid SoBet SZN Jerseys can be viewed via

Source: SoBet

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