Sports Collectibles Mean Big Bucks for Retailers and People Likewise

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There's no doubt that sports create big bucks in the U.S. One need merely to look at the wages of top professional players or the presence at major sporting events to recognize there is lots and lots of cash changing hands.

The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB bring in about $11 billion in yearly sales, which's after expenses including paying their typical players everywhere from $1.25 million (on the low end in the National Football League) to almost $5 million for the typical player in the National Basketball Association.

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Add to that the $52 billion spent each year in the U.S. on sports equipment and the $57 billion on sports clothing and shoes, and the cash just keeps piling up. Regardless of what resource you use to define the entire sports market, the amounts are staggering. A fair approximation for the cash brought in by sports to our U.S. market is $425 billion a year.

So it should not be any surprise to discover that, in regards to sports memorabilia and sports collectibles, there is also money to be made. From sports franchises and giant retailers to individuals selling on line, you can find people making money with sports collectibles every single day.

The amazing thing about sports collectibles is that their popularity crosses the line from professional to amateur and collegiate sports. Enthusiasts purchase mini Oklahoma Sooners football helmets, autographed hockey pucks by professional stars, and almost anything with the symbol of the favorite football or baseball team. Tiger Woods is a professional athlete without a team, but on any given day you'll Find over 3000 items on eBay related to him, and his private line of golf clothing, the Tiger Woods Group, makes countless millions annually.

Since there are not any hard and fast numbers linked particularly with sports collectibles, you can simply presume that people, online and retail stores, big corporations, and sports franchises in the sports memorabilia company are all making money. You may also suppose the numbers just keep on growing.

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