SportEAR by ProSounds Launches M-Series Electronic Muffs on Kickstarter


SportEAR® Powered by ProSounds® continues its mission to bring the most advanced hearing protection and enhancement devices to the civilian, industrial, shooting and military/police sectors with the launch of the M-Series Electronic Muffs on Kickstarter. Consumers can receive the M-Series muffs at a discounted price for their financial support. 

Supporters who back the ProSounds Kickstarter campaign will have the choice of a multitude of purchasing options. The discount rate increases along with the amount of product purchased. Consumers and businesses that take advantage of the larger packages will receive the greatest savings. The Kickstarter campaign for the M-Series muffs will run from March 1 – April 9. 

“Our first Kickstarter campaign for the X-Pro Earplugs received an overwhelming amount of support,” said ProSounds President and Founder Weston Harris. “This is another opportunity for consumers to back a growing company and obtain high-quality ProSounds products at a reduced price.”

The M-Series consists of the M-2 and M-4 muffs. Each muff is based on a classic design but with a tapered body and improved protection and enhancement features. Both muff designs feature dual, recessed volume knobs with gripping ridges for easy adjustment and independent customization of each ear. An adjustable, padded headband and soft ear cups provide all-day comfort. The external, easy-access battery compartment allows for quick battery changes. 

The muffs provide up to six times normal hearing levels with recessed, directional mics. The M-2 feature two mics while the M-4 boasts four mics for increased situational awareness. The muffs’ digital compressor automatically blocks out sounds over 85 decibels, delivering 25 decibels of noise reduction.  

The M-Series Electronic Muffs are great options for anyone who needs quality hearing protection and enhancement. With damage to hearing beginning at 85 decibels, 140 million Americans put their hearing at risk while at work, shooting ranges, hunting trips, sporting events and more. Designed with a comfortable fit and featuring high-quality digital compression, anyone who experiences loud noises can benefit from the M-Series Electronic Muffs. 

ProSounds is the parent company of SportEAR, the industry leader of hearing enhancement and protection technology, and has been helping people around the world improve and protect their hearing for over 57 years.  To learn more about the ProSounds M-Series Electronic Muffs campaign, please visit