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In light of the challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century, spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten in cooperation with award winning book site Obooko.com presents four of Swami Dhyan Giten's books as free Ebooks.

In cooperation with international book site Obooko.com, which was recently voted the Best Website to Download Free Ebooks in a recent poll by New York Times, spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten presents the fours books "The Silent Whisperings of the Heart - An Introduction to Giten's Approach to Life", "Healing Is Pure Love", "Meditation - A Yes to Life" and "Presence - The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wholeness" as free Ebooks.

Swami Dhyan Giten

- A Beautiful Gift for Yourself or a Beloved Friend

How can we learn to listen to the silent whisperings of our heart? How does love relate to aloneness? What is intuition? How can we develop our presence, so that our presence and intuition becomes a source of love, joy, healing and wisdom in the contact with another person? What is the difference between the personality and the inner being, the authentic self? How can we develop the inner being through meditation? How do the inner man and woman express themselves on the outside in the form of relationships? How do the three life areas, meditation, relationships and creativity, relate to each other in creating a loving, fulfilling and creative life? What is spiritual maturity?

"The Silent Whisperings of the Heart" consists of a collection of quotes from Swami Dhyan Giten about awareness, meditation, intuition, relationships, the inner man and woman, healing, working with people from love and awareness, truth, creativity, silence, wisdom and spiritual maturity. Each page inspires you to see yourself and life in a new way, from a new dimension. This collection of quotes is an introduction to Giten's perspective on life. It is a beautiful gift for yourself or a friend.

Giten has been compared with the poetry of Kahlil Gibran, author of the famous book "The Prophet", and he has been quoted together with Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Ramana Maharishi, Plato, Albert Schweizer, Jean-Paul Sartre, Bertrand Russel, Anais Nin, Walt Whitman, William Blake, Herman Hesse, Heraclitus, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the Indian book of wisdom "The Upanishads".

"Thanks for being there in this world now with your writings from the heart."
- Inge Birgit Pescatello, Germany

"Giten writes in a poetic language. When I read Giten, I am reminded of Kahlil Gibran. Yes, I would like to compare Giten to Kahlil Gibran."
- Gordon Banta, author of "Magic of Meditation", USA

"In keeping our hearts with all diligence, Giten helps us address the issues of our lives, fluently and eloquently speaking the language of the heart."
- Larry Chang, author of "Wisdom for the Soul", Washington, USA

"With the hope that your book grows wings and spreads across the earth and the people that live on it. We need it!"
- Helena Kohlberg, economist, founder of VQM, Vision Quest & Management - Strategic analysis, business development and marketing, Stockholm, Sweden

Recommendations, quotes and discussions of Swami Dhyan Giten's articles and books and its content have exploded in magazines and on websites ranging from USA Today, the largest daily newspaper in the US, The Times of India, the largest daily english newspaper in the world, the US news site Newsblaze, Edge Life Magazine, a leading source for psychology, education and world transformation in the US and Sentient Times Magazine to the large Internet communities MySpace.com, a large Internet community for young people, Goodreads, international book site with 9 million users, Twitter, Facebook, the American online magazine Alternative Approaches, Motivateus.com, High Existence, MSN.com, Yahoo.com, newsletters of American High tech companies to small discussion forums and blogs focused on spirituality, health, art and literature.

"The challenge for the 21st century is
the Silent Revolution of the Heart.

It is not a revolution within an organization
or a land in the traditional sense with violence, madness and blood shed. It is a revolution in human consciousness.

In society today there exists a deep split
between the inner and outer world, between intellect and intuition, between male and female qualities, between rest and activity and between outer knowledge and inner wisdom. There is a fast technological development in the society, but we seem to forget the most important factor: our self.

The 21st century means an inner awakening. It means a time to grow up. Many people talk about spirituality, meditation and inner development, but it does not seem to change their lives. Our spiritual development depends on our commitment to our own development. We can use our free will to take on the challenge of life to grow or we can chose not to grow. This is the freedom that life give us and it our own responsibility, but it seems that it is few people that accepts life´s challenge to grow.

The 21st century represents a choice between the separation of ego and the vision of the heart. The silent revolution of the heart is a shift in human consciousness from the shortsighted perspective of the ego of "me" and "mine" to the focus of the heart on love and the needs of the other. It is a shift in consciousness from the shortsighted separation of the ego and endless desires to the vision of the heart of love, joy, belongingness, wisdom and wholeness. When we follow the way of the ego, the path of desire, it leads to struggle, conflict, exhaustion and separation from the Whole. The way of the heart is about learning to listen to our heart, to our inner source of love, joy, truth and wisdom. It is to be in a deep harmony with Existence."

- Swami Dhyan Giten

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Swami Dhyan Giten

Available as
PDF ePub Kindle

Presence - The Inner Source of Love, Truth and Wholeness

The most important therapeutic capacity is the ability to be present with an open heart and to be grounded in our inner being, in our essence and authentic self, in the meditative quality within, through which we can meet another person, spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten explains in this book. It is to meet that which is already perfect within a person.


Meditation - A Yes to Life

Meditation is a yes to life. Meditation is learning to know ourselves. Meditation is an inner"yes"-quality of witnessing and affirming everything that we already are, says spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten in this book. Sometimes we are in contact with this "yes" and sometimes we act automatically according to ideas, desires and learned attitudes. But through awareness and understanding, we can find new solutions that arise out of our "yes" to life.

The goal of meditation is enlightenment. Learning to say "yes" means to appreciate all steps and levels of our psychological and spiritual development process towards spiritual maturity. Learning to say "yes" means to realize all our inner possibilities of presence, love, joy, trust, humour, laughter, truth, freedom, silence, beauty, wisdom and oneness with life.


Healing Is Pure Love

Within each one of us there is a healer. Healing has always been a way and a deep source of healing for me, says spiritual teacher and best-selling author Swami Dhyan Giten in this book. Healing is basically our own energy, which overflows from our inner being, from the meditative quality within, from the inner silence and emptiness. Healing comes from the silence within ourselves. Healing is pure love in essence. Love is what creates healing. Love is the strongest force there is. The sheer presence of love is in itself healing.