Spike in Demand for COBRA Health Insurance Policies From CobraHealthInsurance.org

CobraHealthInsurance.org sees increase in number of people needing COBRA health insurance information

COBRA Health Insurance

It is estimated that 40 million Americans were laid off or lost their job due to the pandemic. As a result, CobraHealthInsurance.org is seeing a spike in the demand for​ COBRA health insurance plans. The company has helped many people during the pandemic, answering all of their COBRA questions, as well as helping them find an affordable health care plan that will meet their needs.

Many people recently became familiar with COBRA when their place of employment was forced to close due to COVID-19. This created many questions regarding ensuring that family members maintained health insurance. Most people find COBRA health care information confusing.

CobraHealthInsurance.org specializes in providing the information people need regarding COBRA health insurance. It can also provide health insurance plans that are more affordable, so people can compare. The company takes the time to answer the questions people have regarding COBRA and other plans.

COBRA, which is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), ensures that when people lose their job, they will be able to continue their health insurance. There are specific rules and guidelines for using the program, which includes paying for the full premium in the health insurance, as well as a small administrative fee. 

By calling the new hotline, 866-335-8859, people can have all of their questions on COBRA and short-term health insurance plans answered within minutes. Additionally, people can log online and submit their information into the form and they will be contacted within minutes. Experienced health insurance agents will be able to help them navigate through their health insurance questions. For more information, visit the site at https://cobrahealthinsurance.org/.

About CobraHealthInsurance.org

CobraHealthInsurance.org, based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, helps consumers around the country to obtain information about COBRA health insurance. It also provides access to affordable short-term health insurance options. Those on the health insurance team are licensed and have decades of experience in the field. For more information, visit the site at https://cobrahealthinsurance.org/.

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