Spigen's Sleek Collection Is Here, Ready to Enhance Apple's New iPhone 13

Spigen's Sleek Collection is Here for iPhone 13

Spigen's collection for Apple's iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 is already here. In addition to their extensive case lineup, this year Spigen is also bringing a line of accessories to support the MagSafe Ecosystem.

Spigen's Signatures

Despite such a timely release, Spigen's lineup is by no means incomplete, offering a wide range of cases to choose from.

The iconic Tough Armor is ready for the new iPhone 13, created with extreme protection while keeping style in mind. This sleek, dual-layer design is packed compactly with impact-absorbing foam, all while staying thin enough for wireless charging.

Spigen has also revamped its Ultra Hybrid series, utilizing a new Blue Resin anti-yellowing material to keep the case looking as clear as it did on day one. This year's Ultra Hybrid S even sports a reinforced kickstand for content consumption.

For a more simple and slim aesthetic, Spigen's lineup also includes a few options that are sure to be a hit. Liquid Air is a fan favorite for its subtle style with a textured triangle pattern, while Thin Fit embodies the complete minimalist look that tackles everyday wear and tear with ease.

Spigen's collection this year even includes MagSafe cases at launch. Ultra Hybrid Mag and Mag Armor are built with an integrated magnetic ring, meaning users can enjoy all the functionality of MagSafe, without worrying about device safety.

Apple Watch

Spigen has also been expanding their lineup to encompass the multiple facets of Apple, including the new Apple Watch 7. The wearables collection echoes the brand's sleek design identity with cases like the carbon fiber accented Rugged Armor Series

MagSafe Ecosystem

Since the introduction of MagSafe, Spigen has been leveraging its experience to continuously develop an innovative line of products over the past year. 

With Apple's decision to remove the charging brick, Spigen offers several options when it comes to power. The ArcField and OneTap Pro complement any desk setup nicely, pairing well with the ArcStation Pro for convenient wireless charging at home.

Spigen's Mag Wallet series helps to simplify the on-the-go experience, creating a modular case and wallet combo, perfect for carrying the essentials.

Spigen's full collection for iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and MagSafe are available on Amazon now. Spigen also has plans to release a number of new accessories for Apple's latest products throughout the rest of the year.

About Spigen:

With over 13 years of experience in the case-making industry, Spigen has grown to be a leader in mobile accessories. The company prides itself on being "something you want," constantly striving to create high-quality products at an affordable price. For more information about Spigen and its products, please visit their website.

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