Spigen Releases Mag Series Collection for iPhone 12

Spigen Mag Series

Spigen is releasing their Mag Series line of accessories to cater to Apple's latest MagSafe feature in their newest iPhone 12 Series.

Mag Armor

Mag Armor is Spigen's first case embedded with a magnetic ring for compatibility with Apple's MagSafe ecosystem. This case features a stylish design, inspired by Spigen's popular Liquid Air Armor. Despite its thinness, Spigen's integration of their Air Cushion Technology gives Mag Armor extra durability, without sacrificing any sleekness.

Note: Due to the material of Mag Armor, a circular imprint may become visible with use.

Mag Fit

Spigen's Mag Fit was created to provide a unique solution to a pain point of magnetic charging. Paired with Apple's MagSafe Charger, Mag Fit transforms into a convenient charging stand. With Nanotac Technology, Mag Fit grips onto any flat surface and allows for effortless removal of the charger from the device. 

PowerArc ArcField and ArcStation Pro

PowerArc, the power accessory extension of Spigen, is releasing two new products designed specifically for the iPhone 12 series. ArcStation Pro is the world's smallest foldable 20W charger. Utilizing GaN Technology, ArcStation Pro delivers fast and efficient charging speeds in a compact and portable form factor.

PowerArc's ArcField is a magnetic wireless charger compatible with MagSafe. Crafted with an aluminum body, ArcField helps to reduce the heat generated through charging. Used in conjunction with ArcStation Pro, ArcField provides a quick and convenient charging experience, without any compromises.

Note: PowerArc's ArcField is not compatible with the Mag Fit stand.

Mag Armor, Mag Fit, and the ArcStation Pro are all available on Amazon starting now, while the others are available for pre-order.

Spigen is continuously working on new products and plans to release more MagSafe-compatible accessories in the future including cases, stands, and chargers.

About Spigen

With over 13 years of experience in the case-making industry, Spigen has grown to be a leader in mobile accessories. They pride themselves on being "something you want," constantly striving to create high-quality products at an affordable price. For more information about Spigen and its products, please visit their website.

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