Spigen Launches the First Foldable Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: Slim Armor Pro

Spigen succeeds in creating the first foldable case for the Galaxy Z Fold2 - the Slim Armor Pro. Spigen develops a revolutionary design, a semi-automatic hinge featuring their new Sliding Technology, to allow seamless movement with every fold. Designed specifically for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold2, this hinge makes the Slim Armor Pro the world’s first unibody case available on the market.

Since Samsung’s first release of their Galaxy Fold, Spigen began working to create compatible solutions for the future of folding phones. While they did have success in finding a hinge with the first model, Spigen continued to perfect their design. After 6 months of testing with various prototypes, Spigen developed the Slim Armor Pro.

Drawing inspiration from the signature Tough Armor series, the Slim Armor Pro packs three protective layers in a slim design - an inner layer of impact foam inside their signature dual-layered construction. It remains compatible with PowerShare and wireless charging.

Slim Armor Pro is now available on Spigen's homepage.

About Spigen

With over 13 years of experience in the case-making industry, Spigen has grown to be a leader in mobile accessories. They pride themselves on being “something you want,” constantly striving to create high-quality products at an affordable price. For more information about Spigen and its products, please visit their website.

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