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Spidey Tek announces the creation of a new line of upscale, incredibly effective, all-natural skin care treatments that contain the modern-age miracle material …  Real Spider Silk protein.

GENTETICA Skin Care is the culmination of 500 million years of evolution in all-natural spider silk technology, combined with all-natural, exotic biological ingredients to create the worlds’ finest, most gentle, most environmentally friendly beauty and skin care products available.

Spider silk has long been considered the strongest, most versatile material in nature. Spidey Tek is the world leading authority on all things spider silk and the applications for the use of  Real Spider Silk proteins and fibers.

After nearly 30 years of research and development at a cost of tens of millions of dollars, the Spidey Tek Science Team has identified, duplicated and is the only group in the world that is able to mass produce all of the spider silk proteins, as they are created by actual spiders. All of this research, the methods of extraction and purification of these proteins, as well as the commercial applications, are patented worldwide by Spidey Tek.

GENETICA Skin Care is the realization of years of scientific formulation, research and testing. GENETICA Skin Care has been a key treatment regimen in exclusive spas and dermatology practices under various brand names for years. There are 25 treatment products in the GENETICA Skin Care line. Each group of products is designed to target certain areas for improved skin conditioning, deeper soothing cleansing, more youthful appearance, wrinkle removal and overall moisturizing and conditioning of the skin. “It is amazing how the spider silk proteins fill in many of the little imperfections in the skin to give a super smooth look and feel where ever it is applied,” said Roberto Velozzi, CEO of Spidey Tek. “Due to the fact that the spider silk proteins retain 40% more moisture than other materials, the skin is always hydrated, which gives it a glow and youthful appearance,” Velozzi concluded.

“Our process produces spider silk proteins as nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are natural, biodegradable and vegan. Thus, unlike current nano- and micro-particles used in cosmetics, these are safe for the environment. Due to their incredibly small size, these particles are able to penetrate pores, skin lines and cracks much better than other face creams. When used in face cleansers, they can penetrate to remove dirt and other impurities on the skin,” said Dr. Randy Lewis, Spidey Tek Chief Science Officer.    

Again, the key ingredient in GENETICA Skin Care is the Spidey Tek - Real Spider Silk proteins. For in-depth facial cleansing, GENETICA’S nano-spheres, made from all natural, bio-degradable spider silk proteins are far superior to the much larger plastic, abrasive – non-biodegradable microsphere sized pellets used in popular dermabrasion products on the market today. These plastic pellets are finding their way into the oceans of the world and damaging that delicate ecosystem. Products using those plastic pellets are banned in England and could soon be outlawed worldwide. “As a company, Spidey Tek is very aware of protecting the environment in every possible way, and GENETICA Skin Care achieves that goal on all counts,” said Roberto Velozzi, Spidey Tek Chairman and CEO.

Spidey Tek will either distribute GENETICA Skin Care as a ‘stand-alone’ brand or will “White Label” the GENETICA line to a major, well-established, branded company currently in the skin care market. Spidey Tek welcomes any thoughts on collaboration with these companies and invites anyone seeking more information regarding GENETICA Skin Care to visit www.spideytek.com or contact us at info@spideytek.com

GENETICA Skin Care, the science of beauty, only from Spidey Tek.

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