SpendMend Pharmacy Launches '340B Unscripted' Podcast

Leading pharmacy industry provider to launch new 340B Program-focused podcast at annual 340B Summer Coalition Conference.


SpendMend, the leading provider of solutions to optimize the cost cycle for the healthcare industry, today announced the commercial release of the "340B Unscripted," a podcast hosted by pharmacy industry leaders Rob 'Hoopi' Nahoopii, PharmD, MS, ACE, and Greg Wilson, PharmD, BCPS, ACE.

The new pharmacy industry-focused show will post episodes twice a month on major podcast streaming platforms including, Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, and many other major platforms. SpendMend will release the inaugural episode at a Launch party set to take place on Monday, August 1, at this year's annual 340B Summer Coalition Conference at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. 

Episode Number 1 will showcase an expert roundtable discussion on "340B Patient Definition" featuring Nahoopii and Wilson as well as Alexsandra Soto, Corporate Finance Director at Memorial Healthcare System, and Patrick Cline, Executive Director of Pharmacy Business at Cone Health. The panel will share thoughts and insights on how recent litigation and HRSA audit trends are catalyzing debate around "Patient Definition" standards across the 340B landscape.

"340B Unscripted" will explore the complicated and contentious 340B Program as well as many other pressing Pharmacy industry matters. Special guests and industry experts will pop into the show frequently to add insights from all sides of the discussion.

"If you serve in the pharmacy sector, this podcast is a must-listen," says Rob Nahoopii, who serves as the Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Services at SpendMend, and former Director of Pharmacy at Intermountain Healthcare. "We wish this podcast was out there while we were running our own pharmacy departments."

About SpendMend

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