SpendMend Announces Fall 2019 Thought Leadership Series for Recovery Audit Excellence

SpendMend partners with healthcare industry experts to deliver insights and expertise on key issues relating to the cost recovery and cost savings

​​SpendMend​, the leading provider of cost savings solutions in the healthcare industry, today announced plans to deliver an expansive thought leadership series through the end of 2019.

SpendMend will be partnering with industry experts to publish a sequence of informational white papers and articles, host a series of webinars and live educational sessions. Throughout the series, SpendMend will partner with several industry experts including current and former executives from Spectrum Health, Covidien, Vizient, Premier, SpendMend and Accenture.

The Thought Leadership series kicks off with a webinar on Oct. 15, 2019, entitled, “You Can’t Afford to Wait.” This webinar will feature results and analysis from four major SpendMend clients while outlining the value of accelerating cost savings and cost recovery efforts. SpendMend’s goal in this presentation and the following events and publications is to educate the marketplace on driving cost recoveries and supporting cost savings.

“Now more than ever we are seeing how healthcare professionals throughout the P2P cycle are working tirelessly to create and sustain effective cost savings initiatives,” states Rob Heminger, President of SpendMend, and featured contributor in the upcoming series. “I am excited to work with our clients and share real client results to illustrate the successful solution possibilities that are out there and available in the marketplace.”

Beyond the Fall curriculum, SpendMend will continue the thought leadership series theme into 2020, exploring the many facets of cost recovery, cost savings and reversing financial waste throughout the hospital system.

SpendMend’s goal throughout the series is to equip professionals throughout the P2P process in healthcare with best practices so that they will more easily accomplish day to day tasks while assuming an increasingly strategic role within the larger business organization.

Fall Event Summary

October 15, 2109 @ 1 p.m. EDT / Webinar / Title: “You Can’t Afford to Wait” – SpendMend President and 20-year recovery audit expert, Rob Heminger, discusses the critical nature of accelerating your recovery audit.

October 22, 2019 / White Paper / Title: “You Can’t Afford to Wait” – A deep dive review featuring results and analysis of the Top 25 SpendMend recovery audit clients.

November 21, 2019 @ 1 p.m. EST / Webinar / Title: “Supporting Your Cost Savings Initiative” – A Panel of Industry experts representing Top Ten healthcare systems and leading GPOs discusses the right way to manage your cost-saving initiative.

December 2, 2019 / Case Study / A Top Ten Healthcare System Executive Interview – Ten questions and answers with a leading financial professional from one of the country’s top ten largest healthcare systems.

December 12, 2019 @ 1 p.m. EST / Webinar / Title: “Optimizing Credit Efficiency” –  A dialogue with SpendMend CEO, Dan Geelhoed about ways to optimize your cost recovery and cost savings by applying the ideal audit structure, timeline, and procedures.

December 17, 2019 / White Paper / Title: “Optimizing Credit Efficiency” – In-depth analysis of over 1 Billion client transactions to uncover the ideal scope and approach to optimize your recovery audit.

About SpendMend

SpendMend is the leading provider of cost savings solutions in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to provide enhanced visibility into the procure-to-pay cycle while leveraging our in-depth industry expertise, gathered over twenty-five years of serving the industry, to identify the root cause of financial leakage and provide actionable insights to help hospitals and health systems prevent profit loss.

Learn more about SpendMend: https://www.spendmend.com

Media Contact: Amanda Geelhoed Papach, ageelhoed@spendmend.com

Source: SpendMend

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