Spekit Raises $2.54 Million to Reinvent Salesforce Training

The just-in-time learning platform for driving digital adoption backed by Bonfire Ventures and Matchstick Ventures

Spekit - Drive Digital Adoption with Just-in-Time Learning

​​​​​​​​​Spekit, the just-in-time digital adoption platform enabling teams to communicate change and surface training across applications, has raised a $2.54 Million seed round led by Bonfire Ventures with participation from Matchstick Ventures and individual investors including, Dan Scheinman, an investor in transformational technology companies including Zoom and Treasure Data.  

Spekit was launched in 2018 at Salesforce’s Dreamforce by co-founders Melanie Fellay and Zari Zahra to address the growing challenges associated with new technology adoption, outdated documentation and decentralized training. They found that existing training solutions, by nature of being disconnected from SaaS applications and outside users’ workflows, decreased productivity and were difficult to maintain in constantly changing work environments.

“In today’s SaaS-led workplace, change is constant. To train employees as change occurs, companies had two options: a static LMS that required digging through a separate tool for answers or a painful-to-manage digital walkthrough solution that breaks with any update,” said Melanie Fellay, CEO and co-founder of Spekit. “Having experienced the above challenges as coworkers, we envisioned a simple and intuitive platform that would allow teams to automatically track key processes, maintain up-to-date training and establish a consistent learning experience across all applications.”

Spekit’s unique technology integrates with applications like Salesforce, allowing companies to easily create training and documentation around existing processes and terminology. Pre-built templates simplify content creation by generating baseline training specific to each tool. Users then see answers populate as embedded help in the applications they’re using, delivering guidance at the point of friction. Spekit’s suite of extensions, such as the Chrome Extension, ensure training is accessible from anywhere so employees are never without help.

“Spekit is a key part of every new feature or business process we deploy and has dramatically reduced our onboarding and ramp up time. It’s an outstanding way to support your users, drive adoption and improve data quality,” said Marshall King, Senior Vice President, IT Solutions, at JLL.

Onboarding and change management challenges with SaaS proliferation are prevalent across all industries and company sizes. Spekit already partners with innovative companies across real estate, financial services, high tech, health care and more including scaling startups and global Fortune 500 companies like JLL, Built In, Mariner Wealth and Hobsons.

"As we saw over the last two decades, software is eating the world. The average organization deploys more than 30 SaaS solutions...but, are employees happily eating (“consuming”) the software? Billions in productivity and SaaS investment spend are wasted because teams simply don’t understand how to best leverage the constantly-changing software investments their companies have made,” said Brett Queener, Partner at Bonfire Ventures.

As a Spekit investor, Brett brings more than a decade of experience building Salesforce.com under CEO, Marc Benioff, in a variety of senior leadership roles in Sales, R&D, and Operations. Today, Brett an active seed investor at Bonfire and an advisor to numerous SaaS “unicorns” including Outreach.io, Pendo and more.

“We share Spekit’s view that today’s SaaS-led workplace requires a more scalable approach to training and change management than what’s available with a traditional LMS or classroom-style training,” said Brett Queener. “Spekit’s unique approach to tracking changes and creating training by plugging into an organization’s applications, paired with their easy-to-deploy and easy-to-consume just-in-time learning solution is exactly what companies need to drive the adoption and proper usage of their applications. We’re so pleased to partner with Mel, Zari and the team – they’re a terrific founder-led, product-first, game-changing company.”

Source: Spekit