SpeedyBackup 2.0 Allows Users to Share Files Safely and Easily

SpeedyBackup from SpeedyPC has been updated to 2.0. The latest version offers a new tool, File Sharing, which provides SpeedyBackup users with a free tool to share files online.

SpeedyBackup 2.0 now offers users more than an easy way to back up their files for safekeeping. The recent update introduces SpeedyBackup's new File Sharing service, which allows users to trade files with friends and contacts, wherever and whenever needed.

"Our goal was to make file sharing as easy as possible," said Ted Deng, Senior Project Manager at ParetoLogic, the creators of SpeedyPC software. "Users can share one file, or an entire folder; a tiny text file, or hundreds of megabytes of data. All with the straightforward SpeedyBackup interfaces."

In order to share their files, users simply add files into their Shared Folder, then provide the link to the people who need the files. SpeedyBackup users can share their files publicly or privately, with security provided via password protection.

"SpeedyBackup offers two key benefits for sharing files compared to email, portable storage, and other methods," said Deng. "One is convenience, particularly when sharing multiple files or very large files. Two, users can be assured of the safety of the shared files - with secure passwords, only the intended recipients will have access."

Current and new SpeedyBackup users can access their File Sharing tool through the software, or through the web control panel.

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