SpeedSetter: The Training Bat That Delivers Major League Bat Speed Without Hitting a Single Ball

Legendary baseball coach Jim Lefebvre has joined forces with world-renowned golf coach David Leadbetter, to develop The SpeedSetter, the most complete baseball-training bat ever invented. Guaranteed to help improve every batters swing from the Major Leagues to complete beginner.

The SpeedSetter has taken proven, time-tested training techniques to a new level. Not just a training bat, the SpeedSetter is an entire system for swing development that will make batters faster and more consistent without even hitting a ball. The SpeedSetter features a patented magnetic ball mechanism that separates and makes a ‘popping’ sound if the bat is swung on plane, with the correct technique and timing.

The SpeedSetter is the ultimate multi-sensory training aid, using sound, sight and feel to instantly provide feedback on a batters swing. It doesn’t just fix one particular fault, it simply and quickly gets right to the heart of the swing – grip, plane, tempo and release – the key ingredients needed to increase bat speed and groove the optimum technique for powerful, consistent hitting.

“Today pitchers are throwing harder and faster than ever before. As a result bat speed has become the single, most important factor to successful batting. That’s why we developed the SpeedSetter, to train and develop bat speed with consistent, repeatable technique.” Jim Lefebvre

The original concept for the SpeedSetter came from the golf world, through David Leadbetter’s SwingSetter for golf. Originally launched in 2005 by Leadbetter, the SwingSetter has helped thousands of golfers all over the world learn the game using the same multi-sensory techniques.  

“I have always believed there are similarities between the golf and baseball swing. It requires similar sequencing, timing and rotational force through impact - it just happens on a different plane with a stationary ball. When Jim approached me about adapting my SwingSetter golf training aid for baseball I knew it would be a hit. The SpeedSetter will do exactly what we achieved in golf - to provide a complete training aid that self corrects technique, provides real feedback and can be used anywhere. We’re proud to be working with Jim on this project. ” David Leadbetter. 

The SpeedSetter allows a batter to work on their swing in the comfort of their own home without hitting a single ball. Through a combination of feel, audio feedback and visual cues, the SpeedSetter improves technique by just swinging it. The SpeedSetter includes 5 drills and a complete practice routine to follow.

“After over 50 years of experience in professional baseball as a Major League player, hitting coach, manager and player development director, I have proof at every level that the SpeedSetter works. I used a prototype of the SpeedSetter with the Chinese National Team and increased their average exit speed from 82 mph to over 95 mph. Developing bat speed has been elusive to many players until now. The SpeedSetter is a tremendous training aid that should be in every baseball player’s bat bag. – Jim Lefebvre.

Lefebvre has created a free online training team for SpeedSetter batters to receive help, drills, tips and share success stories. The SpeedSetter will be used to train juniors at all Jim Lefebvre baseball camps across the country.

The SpeedSetter is manufactured by MVP Sports and is on sale now, priced at $120 from www.speedsetter.com  

Jim Lefebvre and David Leadbetter are available for interviews. Please contact:

Jim Lefebvre – contact Marla Meaney - meaneymarla4@gmail.com - +1 (760) 219-7339

David Leadbetter - contact Jessica Mazzer - jessica@davidleadbetter.com - +1 (407) 256-5605


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