Speedcubing App Reaches 5,000 Downloads

Sub20 Cubing, the newest Android-based app that continues to gain popularity in the speedcubing community today reached 5,000 downloads.

This free educational application serves as a one-stop reference guide for beginners and advanced “cubers” alike and provides easy, instant access to algorithms and tips on intuitive steps. All algorithms contained are based on the Fridrich method, the most common method used in speed-solving, and are organized in an easy, swipe-to-scroll environment making it easy to see all the algorithms and possible situations a cuber may encounter while orienting or permuting the last layer of the puzzle. The app's developer, Aaron Lancaster, recently acted on several requests from users and added Winter algorithms to the mix. Sub20 Cubing remains the only Android application in the Google Play Store containing this newer, more innovative method for solving the first two layers in a way that forces an OLL skip, allowing the last layer to be solved in one algorithm as opposed to two. In the “Notations” tab, users can quickly jump over and reference the meaning of all cube notations (letters representing rotations on the cube) if they need assistance interpreting the move set of a particular algorithm.

About SubTwentyCubing:

It's exciting to see this app take hold in the speedcubing community and reach 5,000 downloads. I want to thank those of you that have helped me know where to improve Sub20 Cubing by the feedback and comments you've provided. The plan is to continue to add to this app to make it the most useful speedcubing app in the Google Play Store.

Aaron Lancaster, App Developer

SubTwentyCubing is a site dedicated to cube puzzle enthusiasts out there who are looking to improve their solve times with the standard 3x3 cube. All you need to know about beginning speed cubing, or the art of solving the cube as fast as possible, is documented throughout the pages of the site, from cube reviews, to notations and algorithms, to step-by-step instructions, example solves, and video tutorials. Visit www.subtwentycubing.com for more information.