Spectrio’s New Content Library Eases Production Burdens and Costs for Digital Signage Networks

Top Digital Signage Provider’s Tailor-Made, Industry-Sorted Content Library Helps Brands and Organizations Keep Screens Fresh, Relevant and Engaging

Spectrio is making it fast and easy for customers to enrich their digital signage on-screen content mix with curated, polished, and hyper-relevant digital signage messaging through the launch today of a new feature — the app-based Spectrio Content Library.

Developed and steadily updated by Spectrio’s large, experienced in-house creative team, the new Content Library is stocked with professional material tuned to a variety of vertical markets, and specifically designed to the unique technical and viewing characteristics of digital signage networks.

Customers using Spectrio’s cloud-based digital signage management software, called Enplug, can access and browse different libraries of tailor-made content segments or be assisted with recommendations generated by the app. The library is sorted, in part, by vertical markets and use cases.

This means, for example, auto dealers can use the library to easily schedule agency-quality messaging in and around showrooms that engages and informs customers without the time, complication and expense associated with producing original content.

Spectrio’s Content Library is complementary to its existing Templates digital signage app — a separate library of pre-designed messaging templates that can be manually customized by users, and even set to update automatically using networked data sources.

“Adding this capability to the rich set of digital signage apps already available on our platform is another way Spectrio is enabling our customers to maximize their investments in this technology,” says Tamara Bebb, CEO of Spectrio. “Attractive, on-point content programming gets attention, and that’s the start of meaningful engagement — whether that’s in a retail setting, health care environment or a sports arena.”

Market research confirms engagement is crucial to customer satisfaction, and shapes future purchases. Engaged customers contribute an additional 23 percent more in revenue compared to the average customer. 

Spectrio’s new Content Library is now included in the suite of apps and other industry-leading capabilities built into the Enplug digital signage content management platform and solution.

Source: Spectrio