Spectral Delivers MemoryIP for Its IoT Customers on Multiple 22nm Process Technologies

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Spectral Design & Test Inc. (SDT) proudly announces the release of six leading edge Embedded Memory Compilers customized for the IoT market. Our state-of-the-art SRAMs are designed for IoT applications, ensuring optimal performance with low power consumption and high-speed circuitry.

Embedded SRAMs play a crucial role as Cache Memory, facilitating the rapid processing of data. In the realm of battery operated devices, where power efficiency is paramount, SDT uses proprietary design techniques to optimize SRAM architectures to minimize energy consumption. SDT conducted an extensive survey of different market segments and harnesses the best out of the foundry's bit-cell designs without compromising the customers yield and reliability metrics. "We partnered with Silicon Labs in the 22nm process node, they entrusted us with the task to maximize the best Power Performance Area targets with our Memory Development platform to meet the extreme workload requirements for their IoT applications," said Michael Walton VP of Sales and Marketing at SDT.

"As a leader in IoT products to enable a more connected world, Silicon Labs has been constantly pushing the envelope to bring higher performance, more secured and energy efficient devices in a small footprint to our customers with more differentiation and additional values. SDT has been our trusted partner to develop memory solutions in three generations of Silicon technologies that are optimized to meet the unique challenges of embedded IoT devices, providing high performance and low power sleep operation under wide operating conditions," said Yiqun Lin Senior Director, CAD Engineering.

SDT's latest Memory Compilers are encapsulated within an AI/ML-driven, cutting-edge Graphical User Interface (GUI). This intuitive interface empowers customers to make the most informed decisions based on their specific PPA requirements. The Memory Compilers are crafted using the MemoryCanvas/MemoryTime suite, producing essential third-party views that undergo rigorous validation through the MemoryQA™ testing platform.

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SDT is a point solution provider specialized in embedded Memory Compiler development. Our products address the needs of library developers & SOC designers. Spectral currently supports customers in several different markets namely medical, Mil/Aero, IoT, 5G infrastructure and many others. For more information, visit http://www.spectral-dt.com or email us at sales@spectral-dt.com

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