Spectra Baby USA Lends Support to Mothers Affected by Naya Health Shutdown

Spectra Baby USA will offer free hand pumps and 50 percent off its S2 and S9 Premier Breast Pump

Spectra Baby USA, a provider of hospital-grade breast pumps, accessories, education and customer care, will lend its support to breastfeeding mothers affected by the believed shutdown of breast pump start-up Naya Health.

Naya Health, a company founded in 2013, recently hit the news with reports that its products had been withdrawn from sale and its customer service site had been disabled. According to CNBC, Fortune and other news outlets, customers have been unable to contact the company for assistance with refunds, replacement parts or faulty equipment. This painful reality led to the abrupt ending for many of their breastfeeding journeys.  

Spectra Baby USA’s Chief Executive Officer Ms. Heidi Humphries, said, “The breastfeeding years are so important to both mother and baby – a time for bonding and nurturing – and it has affected us deeply to hear of mothers’ breastfeeding journeys being interrupted by this event.

“As moms ourselves, our mission has always been to support as many mothers as we can through this special time by making successful breastfeeding a possibility. To this end, we are offering our support to all mothers that have been affected by the Naya shutdown. Breastfeeding is a journey of love and nobody should be forced to wean their baby due to an event like this.”

Spectra Baby USA will offer free hand pumps, while supplies last, and give 50 percent off its S2 Plus and S9 Plus with proof of purchase from Naya Health.

Ms. Humphries, said, “Spectra Baby USA is proud to be a women-led business run by moms for moms. We fully support technological advances in breastfeeding.”

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For anyone unable to contact Naya Health for assistance with a purchased or faulty product, please visit online today for help with getting the pump breastfeeding moms need.

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