Spectra Baby USA Donates 150 Breast Pumps for Breastfeeding Mothers in Haiti

Priceless Grace Ministries heads to Haiti on a mission to help educate and assist breastfeeding mothers.

Spectra Baby USA

Spectra Baby USA, one of the nation's top providers of hospital-strength breast pumps, accessories, education and customer care, has partnered with a non-profit organization in support of their mission to Haiti by providing 150 breast pumps to breastfeeding mothers. The mission will take place from July 28-Aug. 4, 2018.

Over half of all child deaths in Haiti are related to malnutrition. Spectra Baby USA’s mission is to support local mothers attending the Coram Deo clinic in Port-au-Prince, an organization operated by 20-year-old Meredith Price of Priceless Grace Ministries. The clinic is primarily focused on assisting malnourished infants and children - first stabilizing infants and then providing education and support to moms, including nutrition information and resources. A day-to-day itinerary of the clinic can be found here.

We are so humbled Meredith Price and Priceless Grace Ministries reached out to us for this mission. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of women and children around the world. Breastfeeding is a journey of love, which is something our entire team at Spectra Baby USA is passionate about. As moms ourselves, caring for and nourishing infants is very close to our hearts, and we hope to make successful breastfeeding, with all its rewards, a possibility for more mothers in all local communities.

Heidi Humphries, Chief Executive Officer

The Coram Deo clinic seeks to promote breastfeeding as the optimal nutritional choice for infants. Breastfeeding is known for its benefits - in health, well being and bonding - for both mom and baby, and clinicians will work with lactating mothers to establish a good "latch" and feeding patterns. Breast pumps are an important tool in helping to stimulate supply, combating engorgement, assisting infants in latching on and drawing out inverted nipples.  

Ms. Humphries said, “The moms being supported by Priceless Grace Ministries have often received inadequate information about infant nutrition and are eager to do whatever they can to provide for their children. We are very proud to be contributing to the Coram Deo clinic’s work with the community.”

Source: Spectra Baby USA

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