Spectacular "USB Museum" - Tripower Technology Can Design Various Customized USB Flash Drives Beyond Your Imagination!

Tripower is a reliable and iconic supplier of custom USB flash drives, producing various custom USB products by customers' demands. For trade fairs in 2012, Tripower will display the most novel and creative USB products in the topic of "USB Museum."

Nowadays, USB drives have become one of the most popular and suitable items for gift and promotional purposes. There are hundreds of manufacturers taking part in this large, prosperous market. Owing to the harsh competition, it's almost impossible to survive in this industry without excellent designs, strict manufacturing process, quality management, and prompt service. Under such a difficult circumstance, one manufacturer, Tripower Technology Co., Ltd., stands out, increasing in gross profits year after year. This accomplishment can be attributed to Chiu Yi-Hsin (Sun), the young entrepreneur from Taiwan and the chairman of Tripower.

Extinguished From Others - Tripower Earns Reputation in the Lead of its Chairman, Sun

"Giving the most competitive pricing with the most superb quality is what we pursuit for," said the chairman Sun. As a genuine, passionate, creative and active entrepreneur, Sun is famous for offering not only the prompt service, but at the same time, the quality products as well. Leading by this energetic chairman, Tripower Technology has excelled the rest USB drive manufacturers in building its own custom USB products empire with high reputation. "We convince that Tripower is one of the most competitive manufacturers in regards to the design, development, quality, service, and price of the USB industry."

Custom USB Flash Drive Becomes the Most Favorable Gifts and Promotion Items

Established its own brand "Tripower" for more than 10 years, it has become a professional leading manufacturer of custom USB flash drive in China, providing B2B and B2C trade directly for worldwide customers. Accumulating rich experiences from the field of USB flash drive, Tripower now puts emphasized on customization of USB flash drive for gift or promotional purpose. According to customers' industry background and featured products, Tripower's specialized designers and engineers can design USB flash drive by any demand from customers. Whatever kinds of size, shape, material, or function, Tripower has the capability to fulfill all clients' expectations.

With two kinds of specifications - USB 2.0 or 3.0 speed, USB drive has become the most prominent and important storage device in 21st century, replacing soft disc and disc. Furthermore, Tripower's USB flash drive, with flash memory inside, is capable of storing data in fastest speed steadily while sustaining storage lifespan for several decades at the meanwhile. Focusing on designing various custom USB flash drives with logo printed directly on the flash drive, Tripower provides perfect customization project of data services such as preloading, Non-erasable contents, Autorun, custom icon for its clients. For another thing, as regards other software solution needs, Tripower also offers special features like PC security lock, secure user partition, unique ID, private data area, etc. Possessing with the above advantages which no other promotional items can compete with, these custom USB flash drives will act as the excellent mediums for customers to market or promote their companies, businesses or organizations.

Diversity in Custom USB Flash Drives and Featured Products

Tripower has placed greater value on developing and manufacturing custom USB flash drives products since 2003. As the top-rank and well-experienced manufacturer in this field, Tripower can manufacture all kinds of USB flash drive in any material, including rubber, silica gel, metal, plastic, wood, leather, stone, cork, glass, etc., and in any shape as well. Their featured products are custom rubber USB drive, USB flash drive pen, mini USB, and any other USB flash drives with customized shapes and functions. Pen types USB drive, first of all, with both USB drive storage and pen functions, becomes the useful and handy device in study or office. And the mini USB, with the smallest size and weight, is easy to carry-on without large space. For instance, the mini USB clip, designed with a metal clip, can be used as the fastening tool for documents. Accordingly, one will never forget to bring his/her soft copy along with the lecture notes during business presentation.

Upon the different types of USB products, the custom rubber USB drives, with the cheapest mould cost and unit price, shortest molding time, and various flexible shapes and colors, are the hottest products in Tripower. Take the USB Radio TV Game Man (RTV Game Man) for instance, this specially-designed item is a multifunctional rubber USB drives. One can enjoy free Internet radio, TV and games with this device so long as there is Internet access and a USB port. This item delivers more than 20,000 radio stations, 5,000 TV stations and 3,000 games from worldwide to a PC or notebook. In addition, equipped with multi-function panel management system, one can activate its onscreen control panel to do staffs like search, sort, audio controls, settings and recording by simply inserting the USB device into a USB port. Other than this unique item, Tripower has thousands of successful cases in the field of custom USB flash drives and has plenty of experiences for cooperating with international coporations like Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, AMD, P&G, or Acer. The Nokia Angry Bird toy USB, special Intel Man USB, and Microsoft MP3 USB for dealer training project are some of the most innovative USB products Tripower made.

Highlighted on "USB Museum," Tripower Will Attend 4 Upcoming Trade Fairs in 2012

Following the rapid change of market trend, Tripower sets the goal of participating in international trade shows to serve more customers regularly. What's more, since Tripower has been worked together with clients from more than 140 countries all over the world, it has manufactured many unique and special USB products. As a result, in the upcoming trade fairs this year, Tripower is planning to exhibit a variety of rare and amazing USB items, titled "USB Museum" to be the theme of their focus this year.

With the continual innovation and efforts on serving the best and competitive products for customers, Tripower is truly the second-to-none custom USB drive manufacturer in this industry. The main trade fairs Tripower will join in 2012 is Hongkong Electronics Show of China Soursing Fair (on March and October separately), Giftionery Taipei 2012(Gift & Stationery Fair), and COMPUTEX TAIPEI.

Trade Fairs Information:

1. Hongkong Electronics Show of China Soursing Fair:
At AsiaWorld-Expo. Hongkong (Airport) on April 12-15, 2012 (Booth No. 6U31), and on October 12-15,2012 (Booth No.3A15).

2. Giftionery Taipei 2012(Gift & Stationery Fair):
At Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition on April 19-22, 2012 (Booth No.D0406 D0408).

At Taipei World Trade Cender NANGANG Gxhibition Hall 1. on June 05-09,2012 (Booth No. K0022)