Specialized Virtual School Opens to Serve the Post-Pandemic Student in Ohio

Pathfinder Career Academy Now Accepting 6th-10th Grade Students for Fall 2023 Start

Marinise Harris, Head of School

Pathfinder Career Academy will power up next week for its inaugural school year with middle and high school students logging in throughout Ohio. The new virtual school, enrolling grades 6-10 this year and expanding to Grade 12 in 2024, offers a college preparatory education attuned to students' needs and aligned with their future goals. Pathfinder's curriculum features ODE-approved Career Technical Education (CTE) coursework designed to prepare students for careers in technology, business, and education. 

In the post-pandemic era, families are seeking pragmatic educational solutions for a diverse range of needs from academic support and credit recovery to for-credit college coursework and hands-on career preparation.  

"Parents are embracing online learning as a way for their children to achieve academic success while working in an environment that is flexible, adaptable, and geared to their life goals," says Head of School Marinise Harris, who joined Pathfinder this summer after 19 years of teaching and leadership in Ohio district schools. 

"Pathfinder Career Academy is focused on preparing students for the future. Our courses align with student aspirations and provide the specialized knowledge and skills to give students a strategic start in college or career," says Harris. "Students can pursue coursework that interests them, work at their own pace, and collaborate and connect with peers and teachers." 

Pathfinder's virtual coursework features teacher and peer interaction as well as hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios. Along with the core coursework in English Language Arts, math, sciences, and social studies, students can enroll in IT, business, and education courses geared to career interests and available for college credit.  

Pathfinder Career Academy is currently accepting students in grades 6-10 for the 2023-24 school year with new cohorts of students starting periodically throughout the school year. Families can sign up for virtual information sessions and enroll online at https://oh.pathfindercareeracademy.com

Source: Pathfinder Career Academy

About Pathfinder Career Academy

Pathfinder Career Academy is a specialized virtual school serving middle and high school students throughout Ohio. The combination of a flexible learning environment, collaborative technology, career-technical education, and opportunities to earn college credit best serves the post-pandemic student.

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