Specialist Arabic Language Teacher Enters the Revolution of eBooks

A K-12 Specialist Arabic Teacher Self-Publishes "Let's Talk Arabic" e-book and iPhone app

Yacoub's Book

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language all over the world with an estimated 450 million speakers. It is spoken, in various dialects, throughout the Middle East and North Africa. "Let's Talk Arabic", written under the pen name of Adam Yacoub, is the perfect introduction to this language for non-Arab speakers.

Mahmoud Yacoub's book is available as an Arabic textbook, Kindle e-book and iPhone app, making it perfect for people on the go. For anyone who is visiting an Arabic-speaking country, this book covers the basic needs: how to greet people, how to order food, how to get directions and even how to conduct business.

"80% of daily Arabic conversation uses only 20% of a language's vocabulary," says Mahmoud Yacoub, who uses the pen name of Adam Yacoub. "As such, this book contains the basics for everyday Arabic conversation and offers both tourists and business travelers the ability to communicate comfortably anywhere in the Arab-speaking world."

"Let's Talk Arabic" provides an excellent beginner's guide to the Arabic language and customs but it is also useful for serious language students. Mastering the Arabic vocabulary and phrases in the book will facilitate conversation on many different topics. Attempts to use the native language of the country you are visiting are always greeted with appreciation and "Let's Talk Arabic" will allow you to participate in conversations, no matter what level your language skills are at.

For the business traveler on the go, the option of learn Arabic e-book or iPhone app means that access to this language course is available anytime, anywhere.

"Let's Talk Arabic" is available as a learn Arabic e-book at http://www.amazon.com and as an iPhone app.

About the author:

The author Mahmoud Yacoub, who is writing under the pen name of Adam Yacoub, is an experienced Arabic linguist who has taught Arabic as a foreign language for several years. He is a graduate of the prestigious Al-Azhar University, established in 972 CE. Al-Azhar is a center for Arab philosophical, religious and scientific teaching.

Source: Mahmoud Yacoub

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