Special Situational Ocean Freight Refunds of $100,000,000 Available to Importers

Ocean Audit Inc.

​Ocean Audit Inc. is offering a unique $1,000 guarantee to ocean freight importers who have been overbilled by ocean freight vendors. With 14 Fortune 100 companies as current clients, the expert auditor recently identified an exclusive and special situational refund totaling over $100,000,000 available to more than 2,000 ocean freight importers in North America alone.

“The challenge for most importers is that these large refunds we’ve identified are deeply embedded and importers don’t actually realize that anything is out of place,” advises Steve Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Ocean Audit. “While importers audit, they generally only find a handful of available refunds. Importers simply don’t have access to our specialist ocean freight invoice checklist, which identifies 42 expert-level refund possibilities impacting every container.”

The problem most importers have is that they assume they are paying the precise ocean freight rate they have contracted for – and not a penny more. In reality, due to the complex way that ocean freight invoices are configured, an invoice that appears correct is often wrong. The nature of its refund is hidden from the importer and its overpaid amount is lost forever. Without expert oversight, importers are losing their ability to get a 1%-plus refund on three years of ocean freight shipments. Federal law provides importers of ocean freight with the most generous statute of limitations of any other recovery-type audit.

Ferreira estimates that outside of the $100,000,000 in pending refunds to the above group, another $2 billion in overcharges require repatriation to importers’ treasuries. “My priority is to assist importers in North America and Europe in recovering these funds,” he adds. To provide a measure of security and confidence in the audit process, Ocean Audit is now offering the one-of-a-kind $1,000 guarantee.

“Typically, the post-audit industry only works on a contingency fee and, if a refund is not produced, the auditor gets nothing, since the client gets nothing. We’re disrupting this system by offering a $1,000 guaranteed refund,” says Ferreira. The Ocean Audit $1,000 guarantee will be paid to a client in the event that our ocean audit of their invoices does not generate a refund of at least that amount.

“$1,000 is not a lot of money, but Ocean Audit is the first to offer this incentive. I don’t want to waste my client’s resource time – in the unlikely event they don’t receive a refund, a client should still be reimbursed for any time spent working with any service provider.”

Ferreira reveals how Ocean Audit is reaching out as fast as they can to the 2,000 or more importers identified as being impacted by the special situational refund. “We encourage importers to contact us directly to find out if they are on the list or how they can utilize an ocean freight post audit to enhance their bottom line,” he says.

About Ocean Audit Inc.

Established in 1994, Ocean Audit Inc. specializes in recovering ocean freight invoice errors for beneficial cargo owners. To date, 14 Fortune 100 companies have used Ocean Audit’s process to recover millions of dollars in lost funds. Founder and CEO, Steve Ferreira, has a 30-year background in container shipping, and is the world’s leading expert in recovery auditing for the container shipping industry. Both The Wall Street Journal and USA Today utilize Mr. Ferreira as their expert source for breaking news in the container shipping industry.

For more information about the service Ocean Audit offers, please visit www.oceanaudit.com.


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About Ocean Audit Inc.

Ocean Audit Inc. provides ocean freight refunds to global ocean importers and exporters. Over 10% of ocean freight invoices generated are overbilled or overpaid. Ocean Audit recovers approximately 1% of a company's ocean freight spend.

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