Special Report on Cloud ERP in the Aftermath of COVID-19 to Be Hosted by ERP Advisors Group

The conference call and webinar will focus on finding an appropriate enterprise software path going forward in the aftermath of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Cloud ERP in the Aftermath of COVID-19

ERP Advisors Group is hosting a “Special Report on Cloud ERP in the Aftermath of COVID-19” conference call on Thursday, April 7, with registration available at erpadvisorsgroup.com/events.

The call will focus on sifting through the realities of COVID-19 and its aftermath, with an in-depth look at finding the appropriate enterprise software path going forward.

Explaining the urgency of this special report, the Founder and Managing Principal of ERP Advisors Group, Shawn Windle, stated that “Quite a few businesses and organizations have been reaching out to us for software guidance in these uncertain times. They have asked us what to do, and we aim with this call to provide practical and helpful advice. We believe that if you can get the right infrastructure in place now, you will be set for whatever the future holds.”

Windle noted that while pessimism surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on business forecasts tends to garner the most attention, it is important to stay focused on the opportunities wherever possible.

“We as an organization have racked our minds about how we can help reduce the fear that everyone is living with today,” said Windle. “We are hosting this special report to examine what ERP strategies could be effective for businesses and organizations that don’t know what to do. Given the vital role enterprise software has played in business continuity with COVID-19, our clients have grown increasingly aware of how important ERP has been to the viability of their businesses.”

To register for the call, please visit erpadvisorsgroup.com/event/special-report-on-cloud-erp-in-the-aftermath-of-covid-19

Source: ERP Advisors Group