Speaking Latino Publishes a Book on Creative Baby Names From Puerto Rico

A new book compiles more than 4,500 uncommon, unique, and modern names used in Puerto Rico.

Aleishka, Jaychaliz, Karielys and Yalreisy are some of the names included in the compilation titled Baby Names from Puerto Rico: Trendy, Creative and Unique Names from the Island of Enchantment. The American Jared Romey and the Puerto Rican Diana Caballero were in charge of compiling more than 4,500 names that breaks all rules and traditions used in Puerto Rico.

More and more Puerto Ricans prefer different and unique names for their babies. In this book you will find examples that are the results of combining both parents names, names written in an alternate way or were even inspired by famous personalities, among others. This compilation, available in English and Spanish, hopes to stimulate sparks of creativity for parents to find the ideal name for their baby.

There are those parents that wants that the name of their baby girl includes "Marie", start with "Itza", ends with "Liz" or combine with "Ann". This book includes four sections that group names with all these combinations. Also, the list of the top 10 popular names for boys and girls in Puerto Rico is included from 2006 to 2010.

After living in Puerto Rico for almost 10 years, Romey published two Puerto Rican slang and idioms books with English translations. The idea of a collection of baby names from Puerto Rico came from this same concept of highlighting the particularities of the local language. "During the compilation process for this book, we realized that the widest range of creative names came from female names. For that reason, this book is more focus on girls' names", said Romey. However, there are good sample of boys' names with a list that includes more than 500 examples such as Jadiel, Yandel, Jowel y Elimael.

The print and electronic versions of Baby Names from Puerto Rico is available online at Amazon, in both Spanish and English.

Language Babel, Inc. is a publishing company of Spanish learning aids and the creators of Speaking Latino.