SparrowOne Releases Managed Payment Services API

SparrowOne, the leader in Managed Payments Services (MPS), has announced the launch of their online payments gateway API. The API provides a unique opportunity for technology partners and clients to easily integrate Sparrow’s MPS platform into their supply chain and order management systems resulting in improved payment option support, reduced transaction fees and outsourced services management choices.

The API has been released with support for four key languages: PHP, Ruby, C# and Python. In addition to the simple to understand interface, the API provides sample code in each language and for every transaction processing option. This new delivery option will dramatically reduce the development time and technical skills required to integrate and process a client’s payment. SparrowOne plans to enhance the API with support for Node.js and Curl in early 2018.

The speed at which a partner or client can connect to the Managed Payment Services platform and process transactions is critical in building great relationships. SparrowOne’s CEO Matanda Doss expressed this in his decision to upgrade the API, “This effort will greatly enhance our ability to support rapid mobile development and traditional integration efforts. In addition, by deploying our code to GitHub, we can broaden adoption and facilitate the communication between developers in our online community.”

Source: SparrowOne, LLC