SparkRaise Announces Open Beta Launch of Its Crowdfunding Platform

​​SparkRaise today announced that it has beta launched its rewards-based crowdfunding platform.

Globally minded and based in Hong Kong’s Cyberport, SparkRaise is uniquely positioned to offer Asian based creators and innovators a platform to tap into an Asian crowd.  Project creators based outside of the region can also tap into the broad reach of an Asian crowd for support.

Breaking the mold of the traditional crowdfunding platform model that focuses primarily on projects, SparkRaise places emphasis back on the creators themselves and offers organizations and project creators tools to build enduring online reputations while building trust in the network as a whole.  People and organizations can create permanent profile pages, where they can consolidate all of their creative and giving activity, and find and connect with like-minded people and groups. Using the same platform, creators can then tap into their existing community on SparkRaise to also raise funds for their projects, products, services or events.

Today’s beta launch opens the platform to all users. It comes on the heels of a successful pilot campaign in January by City Hydroponics, which is prototyping a series of hydroponic units accessible for city dwellers looking to grow their own fresh vegetables in limited space.  Also launching today on SparkRaise is a campaign to sponsor mini build-it-yourself educational 3D printers, co-developed with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, so that young people everywhere can enjoy this technology, especially those who cannot otherwise afford it. Both are projects that have developed and grown with SparkRaise’s partner MakerBay, Hong Kong’s leading makerspace.

Yeone W. Moser Fok, Founder and CEO of SparkRaise: “Asia’s fast-growing crowdfunding industry led to volumes that surpassed Europe in 2014 and today Asia is second only to North America in terms of global crowdfunding volumes.  Despite this, rewards-based crowdfunding, where people pledge funds in return for a prototype, product or some other perk, is still nascent in many parts of Asia. At SparkRaise, we understand that a critical part of helping creators and supporters come together is to provide tools that help build greater trust and transparency.  More than a crowdfunding platform, we are building a community and we are focused on crafting the tools that creators, supporters and socially minded people and organizations need to connect and raise funds in a sustainable manner.”

About SparkRaise
SparkRaise is a crowdfunding platform where people who share creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic interests can exchange ideas, make connections and raise funds for the things that matter to them.  To learn more, please visit and join us at



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