Southern Colorado Economic Development District Implements NewOrg Platform

Primary benefits include Stakeholder Management/Engagement, Grant Tracking, and Attendance Reporting


The Southern Colorado Economic Development District (SCEDD) serves as the bridge between federal, state, and local governments helping cities and counties solve economic development challenges and impact the future regionally. 

As an Economic Development District, SCEDD encourages economic development planning and project implementation in urban and rural cities and counties in southern Colorado by opening the door for local communities to access grant and loan funding opportunities, administrative and technical assistance, data and technology resources, and other resources and support. 

Regional Focus Areas: 

  • Broadband 
  • Workforce Development 
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Small Business Development 
  • Small Business Resources 
  • Parks and Recreation 
  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

"The Southern Colorado Economic Development District works in 13 diverse counties. The NewOrg Platform was the missing piece in our efforts to ensure we meet the needs of our stakeholders."

Leslie Mastroianni , Executive Director 

Southern Colorado Economic Development District 

SCEDD’s diverse services and stakeholders were being tracked in multiple ways in various locations. It was difficult to get reports and a big-picture view of operations.  

By utilizing NewOrg’s configurable one-stop data management platform, SCEDD can effectively manage and maintain up-to-date records of their members, daily attendance, systems advocacy assistance, grant administration assistance, and more. 

The NewOrg Team has helped SCEDD by: 

  • Establishing processes to document meetings, roadshows and resource fairs. 
  • Enabling reporting on activities and communications with organizations in 13 counties. 
  • Configuring a grant tracking system to effectively record projects and grant applications. 
  • Tracking progress and development of small businesses. 
  • Utilizing email to stay connected with stakeholders and notify them of upcoming events. 
  • Creating a workflow for submission and verification of travel time claims. 
  • Configuring an internal message center to communicate with team members about events/new clients. 
  • Deploying a system that will help SCEDD with service delivery, tracking and future growth. 

About SCEDD: 

Leslie Mastroianni 

Executive Director 

Southern Colorado Economic Development District 

301 N. Main Street, Suite 306A 

Pueblo, CO   81003 


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