South Korea's Promising Cybersecurity Startups Pitch in the U.S. to the Local Government and Private Sector Leaders

Virtual meeting where five promising Korean cybersecurity startups showcase their cutting-edge solutions for cybersecurity leaders in the U.S.

The KIC-Cybersecurity Demo day, held on 11/18/2020, is the final phase of the B2G market entry program in which the startups Octaco, Securion, Spiceware, J2C, and Seculetter put their newly acquired skills and knowledge to the test by pitching to active & accredited local government and private sector leaders. This event was hosted by Korea Innovation Center (KIC), which is the Korean government-backed technology innovation center in Washington D.C., and sponsored by KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency). The event featured showcasing the problem Korean startups solve, their solution, and business viability, and active local government and private sector leaders such as Senior Director of Oracle, Chief Information Security Officer of the City of Boulder, Director Maryland Department of Commerce, Security Analyst of City of Wichita, GM of Amazon, etc.

The three-month B2G market entry program was designed for five of the leading Korean tech companies, carefully picked from a pool of startups in Korea considered to have the most potential for U.S. market expansion. Through this B2G market entry program, the Korean tech entrepreneurs learned from industrial experts, mentors, and government officials on how to successfully launch their product into the U.S. and secure funding.

The five participating companies were:

Octaco: Providing strong biometric authentication replacing weak password such as H/W Biometrics, PKU Cryptography, FIDO.

Securion: Combining various inspection methods like machine learning inspection, app reputation information inspection, the similarity of malicious behavior inspection, etc., to maximize the detection performance.

Spiceware: Solving the problem of existing DB encryption​ solutions that cannot be installed directly in the cloud environment or must be handled manually.

J2C: Self-developed optical components (camera modules and IR-LED modules) which determine 70% of the performance and price of iris recognition devices.

Seculetter: Diagnosing and analyzing unknown malware accurately and quickly through an automated reverse engineering platform that provides multi-layer protection.

"KIC strives to be a bridge between Korean startups and the Northeast U.S. market. Through our hardworking community of KIC members, mentors, investors, and partners, I believe we have successfully created the epicenter of the cross-cultural business alliance, and we hope to continue to grow and bring innovative technologies into the US market." -Jung Moon, Director General of Korea Innovation Center

KIC Washington is a Korean government-supported organization under the Ministry of Science and ICT that specializes in facilitating connections and expansion to the U.S. market for Korean tech startups. Over the past five years, The KIC Washington branch has helped over 500 Korean startups achieve growth in Korea and the United States.

The Washington D.C. branch of the KIC can be reached at (571) 405.6220. For more information, please contact the Korean Innovation Center's website at

Source: KIC Washington, D.C.


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